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Do you mean listen mentally (as in reading surface thoughts) or listen physically (as in hearing a voice)? If it's the latter, Vocis has a spell called Hear the Distant Voice designed for the very purpose you're talking about. It's only InIm 5 - Base 1, Diam +1, Sight +3.

Just my two cents, but I would say the latter option.

Hey, could someone give me edit priveleges to the wiki? It looks like I can make new pages, but I can't modify currently existing ones. Thanks!

wiki? Where would I find this Wiki?

The Andorra Wiki is a wonderful resource, but don't get lost in it. What is relevant to this game gets posted in forum here. The wiki is where we house many different data resources. Some of it is old and out of date, and bits from the saga a few years ago are open game for being revised and retconned.
Fixer is the master of the wiki, not I. He built the whole structure and maintains standards and format. That wiki is listed with Project Redcap, and is an inspirational resource for lots of Ars gamers. You are all famous :smiley:

As for character generation, I do not have Apprentices, nor do I foresee obtaining it anytime soon. So you can disregard any rules from that book, save it for ideas when you go to train your own apprentice. You get Native Area Lore 2 for free, Native Language at 5, plus 45xp. Yes, you get a little extra. You also get 20xp per year for latter life, 300xp & 150 levels of spells as an apprentice, and 40xp per year as a magus.

As far as what constitutes your native area, because of your Flaw, Covenant Lore makes sense. Otherwise I reccomend against it, instead take the region of that covenant and specialize in the covenant.
CharGen is an abstract. As long as your final totals meet requirements and standards, I am not concerned about when you obtained a score in what. Your past is background fluff. It is your future I am concerned about.
Having said that, do not depend on your old covenant figuring into this saga much. We can eventually, but there are older stories waiting in line.

I should go to bed.
I will tackle everything and more and handle messages and mail Sunday night when I wake up (for newcomers; I work overnights at a club in Chicago (CMT), mainly on the weekend. So I have an inverted schedule.

Okay, I've got a quick rules question(s). How does XP work for familiars once we're in the saga? I've got a good handle on the XP during character creation/advancement (standard 2xp for exposure, 5xp for "association") but do those numbers stay true during the saga? Can the familiar go off and do its own thing (ie. flying around the area to get practice xp for Area Lore) for a season? If they're on an adventure, do they get the same xp as their magi?

They can be taught by their magus, the magus can act as a trainer, they can practice together, they can gain adventure xp together, the familiar can gain exposure xp from the lab or exposure xp while hanging around their magus doing whatever their magus is doing. Going off all on their own, no go. The best you can go for I figure is, while the magus is spending a season in town practicing or being exposed to the area lore of that town or region, the familiar could say pick up some exposure in Carouse form hanging out in their magus every night in the same tavern.
So, to ignore the normal might penalty, the magus must be directly and actively involved, or they must be together doing the same thing (adventure/exposure), and though the abilities xp are applied to need not be the same, they must be in the same category of eligibility.
And maybe more liberal even still. Say the magus spends a season in study at their home covenant. The familiar could gain exposure in the magus and/or their shared home. But not, say, the magus is at the library at Durenmar or Doisettep. The familiar cannot skulk about gaining area lore the magus doesnt know. However, maybe exposure in socialization abilities that come naturally. The magus is using them, the familiar learns. Or maybe you spend the season copying, and place exposure in Durenmar Lore. At the same time, the familiar prowls about exploring and reports back to you, also gaining Durenmar Lore.

Or, maybe, not even that. i do not mind much so it is up to others. As long as the familiar is spending significant time with their magus &/or they are involved together, i really do not mind. I think the study restriction on familiars with might is a stupid idea in the first place.

No objection here. The only thing I've added to Celeste is Magic Theory xp, from Vocis teaching her directly and from her assisting in the lab. I'll expand that a bit going forward if we use this proposal.

Is Fleur ready to be joining the covenant as a guest/pledge?

I dunno. I suppose only she can make that decision.
Or I suppose maybe you are asking if the character is ready to join the game?
I shall review the character.
If you feel you are ready. We can make corrections as we go if you need to. But yes, get your sea legs and find your balance. I will be setting up some storythreads tonight, and I will find something to set you up to start off in.
To become a pledge, you actually have to ask us in game. Things are foreknown, but in character, Fleur hasn't decided any such thing yet and has never been to Andorra. But here is my idea. Andorra is the connecting point between two hubs in the Mercere/Hermes Portal network. Fleur is on tour :slight_smile:, perhaps shopping around for a new home? Not even intending to, you would be passing through Andorra just about as a player character is about to pop through on there way wherever, and we will let it grow organically from there.

Oh wait, you are headed directly here, and I know why :slight_smile:
The Caverns of Entropy, as detailed by Xagygyrag of Bonisagus, are located near the covenant of Andorra.

That's strange, you should be able to. Marko has been doing this quite heavily, and everyone has the same privileges... I just checked, and eveything looks fine. Is it always the case?

He might not realize he has to sign in, and might have no idea what his password is. Check to make sure the e-mail adress for the account is right, and he can reset his password through that.

Okay, I think I know the issue. I already had a Wikidot account, Prince of Boredom, from making wikis for other games but I am not listed as a "Site Member" for Light of Andorra, so Fixer, I don't know whose accesses you were looking at.

I had applied to join the Light of Andorra site a long time ago, but my application was never accepted (I just tried again and got this message, "You can not apply. It seems you have already applied for membership."). There is also an option for me to enter a "secret password" to join, to if you give me that I can get access as well.

Moving this here to avoid clogging up Fleur's thread...

Vocis feels that basing all new journeymen on Mallorca for some length of time (seven years?) would serve three important purposes:

  1. Improve security coverage of the Mallorcan resources. Relying on Arnau's crew sounds great, but we also need plenty of Hermetic oversight.
  2. Enhance Andorra's long-term Hermetic influence in the Balearics. He does not anticipate the site being shared equally with Barcelona forever.
  3. Contribute to each journeyman's 'requirements' for reaching master status.

As a player, I'm cool with whatever Silveroak wants to do. I just feel obligated to get the Tremere arguments out there. :slight_smile:

Silveroak has indicated that Fleur is eager for direction and will willing do as asked. We need to find her a space. Keeping with the theme, we can set her on Minorica or Formentera. Roberto has Ibisa and Pere is on Mallorca, with Actus under the water. Or she can double upon with one of them. e can play it by ear. But what the Masters must consider is what task will they assign her? Make sure our money is well spent. Chapter magi get a little bump in the form of service wages, to compensate for the lower aura scores and lack of Aegis protection. So each Journeyman set up here costs us money, we best make sure we get our money's worth.
But her talents & interests suggest it may be best to have her in Arans near the caves. Fertility stuff y'know. But then again, transportation is not an issue, and there very well may be (is) a link between fertility and the spring awakenings festival on Ibiza that empowers magic auras.

Long term she will want to be near Arans, though library location may also be an early consideration...

Okay, I just want to make sure, because I'm a little slow :confused: When they practice together or adventure together, does the familiar get the same XP as the wizard? Everything else makes complete sense to me.

Use the most liberal interpretation possible. For example, when they are adventuring together, they qualify as "together", though the reasonable application of adventure XP may differ for each of them. Same goes for mutual Practice or Exposure.