Geocities Preservation Project & Project Redcap Update


As I mentioned in another thread, Geocities (the free Web hosting service now owned by Yahoo) is going to be terminated next year. This means many excellent Ars Magica fan sites are going to go offline permanently.

Project Redcap is interested in preserving as much of this material as possible. If you know of a Geocities site related to Ars Magica, please e-mail me a link to it at redcap at andrewgronosky dot us. We will try to get in touch with the site owners and get permission to migrate as much of the site content as possible to a new permanent location.

As you may be aware, Project Redcap is in the midst of a massive project to expand into a Wikipedia-like knowledge base. We are building this knowledge base at When all the current content of Project: Redcap has been migrated into HermesWeb, HermesWeb will replace the new Project: Redcap home page.

HermesWeb will be glad to accept any content from a Geocities page ONLY IF we can get the creator's permission. Volunteers will be needed to copy and format the content.

See also the Mythic Europe wiki ( which is a related project that might also want to accept fan material from Geocities. (There is no need to copy a page to both locations; one or the other would be fine. Mythic Europe and HermesWeb are parallel efforts working toward the same goal, but are not in competition with each other).

Sorry, forgot to give you the update on Project Redcap/HermesWeb.

There was a slow period of a couple of months when no one had time to work on HermesWeb. That has changed lately and I just finished migrating all the 5th Edition FAQ content from Project: Redcap.

The migration is about 80% complete. All that remains to be done is to copy over the 4th edition and earlier FAQs, product reviews, and some of the foreign language pages that no one has volunteered to take care of.

I am not going to make any predictions when this will be done because the last time I made a prediction, I thought it would be all finished by the end of March. :blush:

Feel free to visit HermesWeb. Any suggestions for how to improve it are welcome.

As an addendum to Andrew's posts, SHR is one of the sites that will be affected by the Geocities shutdown. We are currently in the process of securing a new location in the ether and should be moving there in the next couple of months. In the meantime, we are still accepting submissions. :slight_smile:

I hope the other site will copy the works of uneligible authors, too.
I'm sure most of them wouldn't care.