Geographical Arcane Connections

I was building a Seeker type NPC, but then I think I began to overthink the strategy.

Basically my NPC is slowly scouting the journey of Alexander the Great. He spends a Season or two travelling and exploring. Then he grabs an Arcane Connection from the furthest point he has travelled, and telepotys back to has Lab. Fixes the Arcane Connection, and does a Season or two of other stuff. Come Spring, he teleports back to the furthest point, travels and eplores, then repeats with a new AC.

Then I tried to think of what sort of geographical locations he would want ACs to - wide open spaces, hidden in a cave or hollow, on top of a giant boulder, etc?
Then I am asking myself, what happens in the geography changes while he is away? The boulder he was aiming for has been overturned in a flood, or buried by an avalanche, or covered in the guano of a giant Roc, or is the favourite sunning spot of deadly serpents, etc

Does anyone have guidelines for choosing geographical features to make AC to?


You probably don't want something that's too close to a settlement, but not too far either, unless you have the Blatant Gift. But you don't want it too near where humans pass, so as not to stratle them should they be there, unless it's hidden a way from the road.

As for what happens in the geography changes? it can happen, and in some cases it might make the Arcane Connection fail, but it could also cause interesting opportunities, say, the boulder at the top of a waterfall, was dropped down, and washed to shore, but by going there, you discover an entrance to a regio, or some magical/faerie creature.

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The following is tmk the typical procedure:

plus using ArM5 p.145 Summoning the Distant Image before teleporting.


In a settlement is not always bad. Sure there are some bad options (like a town square on market day) but if you can find an out of the way spot or travel during off times like the middle of the night. So alleys, hidden corner nooks of buildings, under bridges, and so forth. They have the advantage of often being more stable then locations in the wilds, as well as allowing you easy access to trade and the route.

Just make sure you follow OneShot's advice and use a sensory spell.

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I am rebuilding the NPC so it has enough InIm.

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Depending on what rulings and rules calls used for transportation spells, you may also have a lot of Animal/Terram/Herbam for gear. Or wear clothes of human hide, in which case you should never teleport near a town.

I also prefer harsher rules for teleport: only Co items get teleported, which encourages necromancers to dress like the part, in human leather and using human bone buttons.

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My saga has a House Rule that Caster Sigils influence the number of requisites required.
eg a Caster Sigil that strongly involves leather means that a An requisite won't be required for teleporting with worked animal products, say leather clothes.
eg #2 a Casting Sigil about boxes means no requisites needed to carry only a box/chest when teleporting. (a closed box could contain anything).The ice mage with a Sigil of cubes could freeze all her gear into an ice cube and teleport without requisites.

And another house rule - anything completely surrounded by the Caster's flesh (swallowed, in mouth, wrapped in fist, etc. ) also escapes requisite requirements.
Need to discus with troupe if this extends to human leather bag.

And my own saga allows a light load of objects without requisite, mostly because I forgot about it often enough it came a rule.
Then someone designed a version that didn't take items, because they wanted to teleport out of bindings and similar.

Would it not be more efficient to make a CrVi spell to preserve the AC's and then periodically teleport back to grab new ones since CrVi cannot preserve them forever? It seems like the seasons spent fixing the connections will quickly add up to years. An alternative would be building a second lab for apprentices to work in and keep having the apprentices fixing the AC's. But that still costs you a lot of vis.

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You'd need to keep records of when to visit where though.
Potentially a hazzle, but doable.

Why? Generally speaking, I would just pick up a stone, which already lasts years. If that's not available, just grab something a little lower on the list like some dirt. Make it last years. Now everything lasts years, which is the best CrVi can do. Once every two years (maybe less often, but why risk it?) you spend a day teleporting from one spot to the next to grab new stones or dirt from each spot. Is a day every two years for all of them really more of a hassle than an full season for each individual? In your entire lifetime you'll spend less than a season teleporting around to grab new ones.

Now, you do want to keep track of which stone or dirt goes to which spot, but you need to do that anyway with the fixed connections. Or you could use an InIm spell with R: AC to scry on the spot, which will let you watch out for issues before teleporting as well.

Yeah, I realized that after I'd posted, but ... eh.