Geography & Land of Eternal Shadow

Are there any RL locations in Europe where direct sunlight never touches? Note, it needs to be above ground, so no caverns or wells. I know of a town in Norway that's under continuous darkness during winter longer than nearby areas because it's in a valley, but it still gets sunlight during the summer; so it's not quite what I'm looking for.

Many dense forests, at ground level?

If it is about places where direct sunlight never touches, this is fulfilled by areas in the German Klamms, like . These are difficult to access in the middle ages, and quite unknown to anybody but locals.

Some ancient Etruscan roads are very deeply cut into the tufo, and might have smaller areas never exposed to direct sunlight as well: ... g65BZdXuFo .


As a related question - does Norway have any appreciable valleys/craters where the peaks are ~30° above the horizon, which would also create a zone of perpetual shadow?

Anywhere indoors with either no windows or that is sufficiently large that the light from the windows doesn't reach the whole floor-space.

May not be the answer you are looking for.