Gerald of Wales


Gerald of Wales (1146-1223) or Giraldus Cambrensis was the son of a Norman family and he also had links to the Welsh nobility. He was a clerk and latter rose in the Church ladder. In his time he wrote 2 books on Wales. Have they been stated up? They are quite state of the art books, so it might be that they have not, but just in case, I would like to ask. I am building up the library for Iusto Foedere and I thought this would be a pair of useful books to have in the covenant.

Sub Rosa 9 has an index of all books which appear in any AM5 product, as of February 2012.

Gerald does not appear in that index, according to my Search function.

Giraldus is briefly discussed in the Culture section of The Contested Isle, and his books about Hibernia are stated as tractati on Area Lore (Ireland). Maybe you can use this as reference for his books on Cambria...

Yup. I am giving them a Quality of 8 (Com +2) and making them tractatus. One of them will have been commented by a member of Iusto Foedere and have a Quality of 9 instead. The magus will have done the same tour as Gerald did. probably in the same group and it will transpire that they hated each other since he nitpicks and corrects the church official constantly :mrgreen: The comments also include info on supernatural features that are interesting to magi but were ignored by the welshman, hence the increae in quality.