Gerard de Flambeau:

Exploring the anticthones via vineland would require meeting with one of the holders of the arcane connetions- one (Merinita) is in Hibernia, another (Tytalus) is in Normandy, and the third (Bonisagus) is in the Rhine.
Start out by making the character through his gauntlet and we will discuss advancement from there and how/when it can/will include the Cult of mithras.

We'll go with Normandy then. Seems like a good place to recruit explorers for a variety of reasons.

okay, we will need to make certain that Gerard and Julian are kept separate from one another- simply being in different covenants should suffice.

Julian is Greater Alps, Gerard will be Normandy, so shouldn't be any overlap.

Gerard was born in the covenant of Castra Solis, the child of a shield grog and the maga he protected. Growing up in an Aegis, he had no obvious Turbulences, but the children of the covenant were checked regularly, and when his gift was discovered his mother asked Marcus Minor of Flambeau to take him as apprentice, and her request was granted. Gerard was a talented apprentice, he developed a gift for adapting formulaic magic to odd circumstances, and as he grew his sense of honor and rightness grew with him, and he became a Milite. The morals of the Milites seem natural to him, but he wants to go further, and work for the good of the Order as a whole. Though his master is a mystagogue in the Cult of Mithras, he told Gerard he must pass his gauntlet first. The nature of this gauntlet was to compete in the Tournament of Castra Solis; Gerard did so, and made a good showing, and has become a magus, keeping his baptized name.

Intelligence 2
Perception 0
Strength 0
Stamina 3
Presence 0
Communication 0
Dexterity -2
Quickness 1

Early Childhood:

Native Language: Basque (Extensive Vocabulary): 5 -nl

Area Lore: Provence (Castra Solis): 1
Charm (First Impressions): 1
Folk Ken (Magi): 1
Dead Languages: Latin (Hermetic Uses): 3

Later Life:

+2 Latin
Concentration (Spells): 3


Magic Theory (Spell Design) 4
Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic) 1
Philosophiae (Ceremonial Magic) 1
Penetration (Vim) 1 (+3 xp)
Parma Magica (Ignem) 1
Finesse (Terram) 1
Code of Hermes (Tribunal Procedures) 1
Lore: Order of Hermes (People) 1


Creo 9
Intellego 0
Muto 0
Perdo 7+3
Rego 9+3
Animal 0
Auram 0
Aquam 0
Corpus 7
Herbam 0
Ignem 7
Imaginem 0
Mentem 5
Terram 7
Vim 7

The Gift
Puissant Perdo
Flexible Formulaic Magic
Puissant Rego
Affinity with Rego
Affinity with Creo
Minor Magical Focus: Wards
Cautious Sorcerer
Affinity with Penetration
Skilled Parens

Covenant Upbringing
Driven: To serve the Order
Twilight Prone
Unimaginative Learner
Cyclic Magic (Negative): Nighttime


did you mean to place the +3 on penetration instead of parma magica?
puissant art gives +3 instead of +2

That's the xp from affinity. But yes, I did mess up the arts, fixed.

but you didn't take an affinity with parma magica

You're right, my mistake. It was in a earlier version.

This is ready for spells, then advancement. In order to join the cult of Mithras you have to have a reputation of at least +1 as devoted to the order. In game terms this can be done in development by sacrificing one season to a "heroic venture" gaining a 1 in the reputation.