Get your own official Faerie published

Timothy Ferguson, one of the authors of Realms of Power: Faeries, has generously offered Sub Rosa subscribers a special chance to suggest faeries to be written up.

How it works

After Realms of Power: Faeries is released, each subscriber will get the opportunity to chose one faerie race or type. Timothy will then write up statistics for a selected number of suggested faerie types, which will be published in following issues of Sub Rosa.

Suggestions must be emailed to before 1 March 2009 (date will be revised depending on the release date of Realms of Power: Faeries).

If two subscribers chose the same type of faerie, only one will be given statistics and the subscribers do not get another choice.

Subscribers may collude to get the list of faeries they most want, however all suggestions must be submitted before the deadline of 1 March 2009. Collusion may be public (such as this forum), or subscribers may choose to be secretive.

If subscribers choose something that is clearly a simple variation of one of the faeries already in Realms of Power: Faerie, then the statistics may be “a gnome is just a dwarf in a funny hat”. Statistics from Realms of Power: Faeries will not be repeated.

Subscribers that suggest a particularly obscure type of faerie will be required to provide an electronic source in English.

If a faerie is suggested that another author of Realms of Power: Faerie is working on, the suggestion will be disqualified.

Publisher’s discretion will be applied on when, where and if suggestions will be published in Sub Rosa and/or other forums.

Only suggestions from subscribers will be considered (although non-subscribers can make suggestions to subscribers).