Getting Ars Magica books shipped to Italy (cheaply)?

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for an online place to order Ars Magica books so that they can get shipped to Italy. seems to carry only a few books, mostly of the older editions. has a better selection, but the exchange rate is 1 British pound for 1 US dollar of cover price - that's a Mercere (2:1) exchange rate, outright larceny! At those rates it's more convenient to order directly from Amazon US - though I am sure there must be some better deal out there.

I've ordered from before.
RoP:Magic is £15.99 + £3.20 shipping to Italy.

I've bought quite a bit from Infinity Games (, and have it sent to Denmark, where I live.
I think their prices are quite reasonable, service good and postage not too expensive. Just now I have 6 books in order, shipping is 20 pounds.

Hi! i take all material from, and I'm fine with them.

I suggest to order your books from because it is always cheaper and faster than Dragonstore!

And if a Genoese says that :slight_smile: ...

Honestly, Dragonstore does not seem particularly inexpensive, Even Leisure Games, despite being located in England, seems less expensive, including shipping with the same date of arrival.

But thanks you all for the feedback.