GfF Podcast #21: Clown Punching

The Clown Punching episode, #21, is ripe with interesting assertions. Some thoughts:

Just how common are buffoons, clowns, and suchlike? How broadly applied is this description? Is any bright-garbed jongleur in danger of a mugging?

Did the legal allowance of clown-bashing result in a vast reduction in this profession? How long did the allowance last?

Timothy also mentions, once again, that red caps are a sign of a prostitute in some places. It occurs to me to wonder what the Redcaps do in face of this: the point of the Red Cap is to warn off violent mundanes, much like a poisonous animal. If the cap is suddenly a liability, they will have to find some other way of advertising they they are not to be ... well, obvious joke here. Would this even be an issue in Mythic Europe. Red Caps being a warning sign is well known across many lands; would the sartorial sign for a prostitute be something else? On the other hand, could it be that the red cap was assigned to prostitutes because of the strong reputation of Redcaps for carnality? Redcaps = sexual activity = prostitutes = red caps.