Gifted Companions like magi Ex Myscellanea

A little question, the magi ex myscellanea Created like gifted companions suffer Warping like the hermetic Twilight? Should the arts have opened for that? or is something like the Oath could give (Since the twilight is dominqated by Criamon)?

Judging by the other magic traditions we have available (From Hedge Magic & Ancient Magic), each magical tradition has its own unique way of dealing with warping.

That being said, if the character's arts have been opened to hermetic magic, I believe the character will enter hermetic twilight on a double botch.

Designing a new method might be daunting though, so if you'd rather not bother with that Wizard's Twilight is a good all-purpose mechanic.

My opinion is; if the companion doesn't have a tradition they should suffer normal warping like a non-gifted person. Special warping like twilight is a product of a tradition, not a byproduct of having the gift.

Salvete Sodales!

I'd second the idea that Twilight is for hermetics only - and perhaps another tiny tradition which traces back to Empedocoles.
If the Ex Misc follows the rules for another tradition, he should get their special warping system. Actually - at least if he was to fill a player's magus slot - I would make sure that he got a hedge magic tradition background. If nothing else fits, you can always replace some of the folk witches abilities with the supernatural virtues this character should have. Otherwise a gifted character with just his one free supernatural ability is too far outstripped by his hermetic counterparts. A Gifted companion without a tradition would just count as a normal companion in my saga, even though I would feel a bit uneasy about this if he was a member of the order.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

Hedge Magic makes this very clear:
You suffer Warping based on the Tradition you were Opened in first. This goes for unGifted practioners of a Tradition if they were Initiated into the magic (Hermetic Magi and Vitkir both lack the ability to Initiate unGifted practitioners, but Folk Witches, Gruagach, Elementalists, and Learned Magicians all can, and the unGifted practitioners suffer from the Warping effects of their first Tradition.)
If you were never Opened into a Tradition of any sort, you suffer Warping like an unGifted person even if you're Gifted; the Gift will merely prevent gaining points from an a magical aura.

In short, special Warping is clearly a function of your Opening. A major shift of your magical disposition.