Give me your Magic weapons - Plus discussion

The magus that invented that bow wasn't a cruel man, he figured a six foot arrow hitting you was cause enough for death. And yes, the arrow was meant to disappear promptly, more because he didn't think it needed to stick around rather than any wounding qualities.

Would the spell required requisites for the iron head and feather fletching? I originally thought it would fall under necessary for the spell and hence not require a req magnitude (in the same way that turning a man into a pig doesn't require a magnitude bump for the animal req). Now i'm not so sure.

Any comments on this effect from the Chayal axe above, really not sure if it is legal or not.

The Leaping blade
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Group
This enchantment is what has earned the axe its nickname. When triggered with a shout of the weapons name while whirling the axe overhead, the axe leaps in the wielders hands, hitting every foe (up to ten in number) within striking range (about 8 feet) and chopping off a limb from each. This injury afflicts a random limb (D4 role, 1 = left arm, 2 = right arm, 3 = left leg, 4 = right leg) and also causes an incapacitating wound. Although a powerful effect, it only functions twice per day and has only moderate penetration, meaning that it works best when one is being overwhelmed by superior numbers of lower quality opponents. Such as the Orks Chayal was made to slaughter
(Base 20, +1 touch, +2 group, +1 levels for 2 uses a day, +10 Penetration of 20)
Chayal's statistics are:
Chayal Init: +1 Att: +8 Def: +3 Dam: +13

Our grog's weapons tend to be mildly enchanted, but not much. MR stuff and all that. What e enchant with SPELLS tend to be the armor. Shields, specially. In our last campaign we were playing with viking heritage, so all our shields were round, with a Circular effect to strengthen their rim and a circular ward vs iron and animals (2 wards). We also used the paradigmatic hooded cloak to make our fighters invisible and bind wound and endurance of the berserker amulets enchanted to be activated by an invocation to Freya or Christ.

So not many weapons around, really.

Oh yeah, one that we did have was a trident. It had a PeAq effect that destroyed quite a bit of liquid in a triangular cone,l and an effect to cause a undersea tsunami. Great when you are fighting tritons (falling underwater is still falling) or to sink small boats. Nobody investigated it, so can't recall the exact effects (I did not create it).


Snce you can make an arrow that's just a piece of straight wood (firehardened tip, lousy accuracy) I'd say yes, for the tip atleast.

Why is it ReCo? It moves the axe, right?

I interpret it to be aesthetics. It is a group target peCo effect, the axe just seems to be hacking around. Or that is howI interpret it.

Yes indeed, the axe leaping around is a cosmetic effect. Mechanically the effect simply removes limps of a group. visually, the axe whirls and cuts at great speed, chopping the limps off without resistance.

Ah, PeCo, you're right.
Somehow I'd seen it as ReCo - very different.

With PeCo it's fine.

The Range seems a bit uncertain? Touch works if the person handling it actually can make it connect with each foe, otherwise you need at least a Rego effect/requisite that moves the axe around to hit the foes. Or some variant on a longer Range that means the axe doesnt have to be swung and hit the foes.
As written now it kinda looks like you´ve compromised and ended up with something in the middle that i would be very vary about.

Since you say that the leaping thing is cosmetic, range should be greater in my view. As written now i would say the effect affects anyone you actually manage to physically hit with the axe during the round you activated the effect.

As long as he can touch one guy in the group it is OK. You do not need to be able to touch them all to affect the dudes in a group.

However, if the guys are bunched up with a few more of their diudes they are NOT a group. As such you cannot cast this if 11+ orcs are attacking you. Or 11+ balrogs or trolls, for that matter. Or dragons. Or hobbits (AYEEE!!!)

I would suggest modifying the effect and go DW75's route: multicasting. Well, not multicasting but a series of linked triggers that cast the spell on an individual at voice range 10 times. The linked trigger could be a word in a sentence. You say one of the words as you are touching all your opponents and once you finish your sentence they are all smitten to pieces.

"Tulkas! (trigger word so the axe knows the effect is about to be released) Guide my hand to defeat the Shadow of Morgoth!!".
"Tulkas! Guide Chayal to defeat the Shadow of the Dark Lord!!"

Suitably cheesy and grand for an epic story.


Couldn't kill dragons wih this anyway - that would require an Animál requisite.

Not a weapon, but an offensive armor one of my 4th character can be transmogrified to 5th:

The scales that bite back.

Leather scale with portraits of grotesque heads with open mouths full of teeth on each scale. Fifty times per day, destroy a metal weapon that bites into it (Trigger : Strike through the armor, enough to deal damage, or would have dealt damage if the soak of the armor would not have been there)

Level 10 enchantment.

Something simple, for the grogs. Obviously, magically guided arrows are resisted, but the bow can always be used to shoot normally in such cases

Bow of Apollo
A normal-looking (though high-quality) shortbow. On command, it propels its arrow at the target, striking it unerringly for +6 damage. This effect is resisted. The bow can of course be used to fire mundane arrows.

The bow is a lesser item, requiring a single pawn of Hebam vis to create. It benefits from a +4 S&M bonus from being made of dead wood (affect dead wood)

Total effect level: 10
Effect: Unerring Arrow of Apollo (ReHe 5) (Voice, Momentary, Individual) (base 3 + 2 voice), 24 uses/day (+5)

A misericorde was a long, narrow knife, used in medieval times to deliver the death stroke (the mercy stroke, hence the name of the blade, derived from the Latin misericordia, "mercy") to a seriously wounded knight. The blade was thin enough so that it could strike through the gaps between armour plates

This weapon was designed initially as a Gauntlet piece by a Flambeau apprentice and as such is lesser enchanted item.

It was seen as a cunning and crafty means of an apprentice with a mastered invisitbility spell gaining arcane connections or just doing damage despite armor. However when rich and well armed nobles suddenly start dying on the battlefield of seemingly inconsequential wounds, is something more sinister going on?

PeTe 16

This weapon Degrades armour so that when the target is struck the weapon ignores any and all metal armour. The armour has its overall soak reduced by 1 until repaired.

(Base 3 + 1 touch + 1 part +2 effect metal + 1 2 uses per day)