[Gloom] 2 player suggestions

my girlfriend and i have been playing Gloom every day for a week now. we love this game ! 8)

but in the first few games, i noticed i was getting a lot of untimely death (UD) cards and the games were ending very quickly. i found myself killing her family members before she could add negative pathos :smiling_imp: so i would win easily

so i decided (since its only 2 players) to take out 8 UD cards from the deck. leaving only 12 UD cards. now the games last A LOT longer and its more competitive. but now she wins almost every game :imp:

another fun thing we do now is simply add another family member. so we each have 6 members to kill off. :mrgreen:

i already ordered the unhappy homes exp. can't wait to play with that.


I saw your comment above and had a question. You said that you would kill off her family members before she could add negative pathos. You do know that you can't kill them off until they have negative pathos (unless a card specifically says so).

If you meant that you were killing them off before she could add more pathos points, then that's a different story :slight_smile: