[Gloom] Ending the Game with Uninvited Guests

The game ends the instant a players family is all killed. The Kid follows Untimely Deaths immediately and becomes a part of that family. So, which comes first? Does the game end before The Kid (or whatever he is called - you know the one...) or does the game end when he leaves to goto another family?

Hi there. I asked designer Keith Baker to clarify this one. Keith says:

"I think this one is actually addressed in the PDF description of Unhappy Holmes.

"The answer is that Unhappy Holmes DOES move before the game ends. So yes, if Unhappy Holmes is around and someone kills his last character, he can end up with UH as his only character - with other people trying to bring one of the dead back to life before killing another character and having UH move again! Meanwhile, the player with UH will want to kill UH OR someone else's character, forcing UH to move."

Hope this helps!