Gloom- Event cards

According to the rules event cards can be played at anytime or as part of your turn. The issue we have run into is when playing is this:

Bob: Plays his second modifier card.
Tom: Plays an event card after Bob plays his second modifier.

In this case Tom states that he is playing the event card on Bob's turn so not to lose his first card play of his turn.

My question is: Would this be a legal move or would the event card be played as part of Tom's first card play?

We've had this happen a couple of times someone will play the event card that allows you to switch modifiers then say they are killing that person off as their first turn. I'm not exactly sure how to rule on that.

I do believe that there's nothing stopping Tom from doing this, especially if he does it before Bob is able to draw back up to his draw limit. I assume you are talking about two-player games specifically, where it would be Tom's turn right after Bob anyhow. It does seem to be a loophole in the rules, but I don't see why it can't be done. It's cunning, really.

According to the rules, you can only play events out of your turn if they are marked "as a response", and only in response to the trigger specified on the card.

R.M. is correct. You can only play event cards on your turn (as either of your plays) unless the event card says "Play as a response..."