[Gloom] Icons in play in Unhappy Homes

A few quick questions about one of the new modifier cards. There are certain effects that are based on a specific Story Icon in play. Where you count up the number of the specified icon "in play" the react according to how many there are. I don't remember what the title of the card is but there is one that states you must discard 1 card for every money icon "in play." My questions are these: How do you determine what is "in play"? Since when you kill a character they still have visible icons do they count towards the total amount? Or when counting do you count other player's family members?

Other than this small issue we've had a blast playing Unhappy Homes. Once we get used to playing with these we are going to toss in Unwelcomed Guest. Thanks ahead of time and keep on making these great games.

Based on our interpretations of the rules, dead family members are still in play since there are cards that can be played on dead people. When we use the particular card mentioned, you look across the table and add up all the icons you can see that match. I thought it mentioned this somewhere in the rules, but I don't have them in front of me.

I agree with you since there are some death cards that have icons on them. Why have an icon on a card if it isn't going to matter anymore. Thanks.