[Gloom] lose a turn cards

Last night in a great game of GLOOM we had a big debate.

If a person plays a card which tells them to lose their next turn, but someone else plays a modifier on top of it, which obscures the text before that turn, do they still skip the next turn?

Yes, they still skip the turn.

"Lose a turn" effects are instant: they go into effect the moment the card is played from your hand. They aren't "While this text is covered" cards, so covering them does nothing - the effect has already occured by the time the text is covered.

"When this card is played" effects also don't go into effect when the card is MOVED. So one evil strategy is to play the miss-a-turn or discard-your-hand card on an opponent, and then use Tragic Misunderstanding to swap it with something on one of your characters.

If you can't do that, you can achieve a minor victory by following a "miss a turn" card with a card like "Fell down the well", allowing you to play a death as a free play. You still miss your turn, but you can at least get the character killed before people have a chance to cheer her up.