[Gloom]More Rules required

i would like to ask if anywhere on the forums exists a complete rules list for gloom expansions, and only expansions....... the info on the back of the box doesn't answer enough questions and doesn't provide adequate information to prevent people from contesting me when they dislike how i see interactions and effects etc.........
for example rules for drawing second, third etc guest when using unwelcome guests expansion(it only says draw one guest and nothing further) or rulings for event card usage (like for example: can the card Body Thief be reversed after its efect is resolved or can only be canceled with Smoke and Mirrors as it is played?)
if such a thing exists, please link me to it. if not, a link with more comprehensive rules for expansions will do.... :smiley:

The new rules are listed on the product page for each expansion on our website, in the center column:

But that's the same text that's on the back of each box. Here are some other resources:
The core rules are in the right column at atlas-games.com/gloom/index.php
There's the FAQ at atlas-games.com/gloom/gloomfaq.php
Look through the discussion here on the forums for specific rules questions, and answers from myself and from designer Keith Baker.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask your own questions here on the forums.