[GLOOM] Question about Events

When an event says "Play a card," (such as A Stormy Night or The Root of All Evil) can you play ANY card? Specifically, can you play an Untimely Death even if you should otherwise be unable to? I know normally you can only play Untimely Deaths on the first play of your turn...

This is a good question!

What circumstances (if any) let you play a UD outside of your first play??

Yep! You can play ANY card. Some cards will tell you you can only play a specific type of card - for example "Modifier Cards" or "Negative Modifier Cards."

But if an event says ANY card, that includes Untimely Deaths. This would be a situation where you could play a UD AFTER your first play (pretty cool!!!). There are even modifier cards (not just event cards) that let you play UDs as free actions (double pretty cool!!!).