Gloom: Unhappy Homes question

Is there any way to tell which cards are from Unhappy Homes vs. the original set?

Do the icons showing on dead family members coutn when trying to meet the requirements for playing a mystery?

When playing "was robbed by rascals", it says "When this card is played, immediately discard one card for each icon in play (including this one).", do icons on dead family members count?

Thank you

If you bought the first printing of Gloom, it's pretty easy ... the Unhappy Homes have a blue-ish tint to the card plastic. If you bought the second printing of Gloom, you'll have to use the card lists ... you can find them by clicking on the game you want at , then looking in the right column.

I'm pretty sure that icons on dead family members do count for mysteries, but I don't have my rules sheet at hand.

Again, I'd say icons on dead family members do count for Robbed by Rascals.

I'll ping Keith and ask him to come verify ...

I've got another Unhappy Homes question -

What are the "and the Horrid Hospital" mystery requirements? I see a Snake icon, but there's a gash in the card where the second icon should be - it basically reads "Requires [Snake], [Something] and one dead character..."

Can someone fill in the blank for me? :slight_smile:

Without the card in front of me, I'd guess it was the knife icon. It ended up looking like a diagonal slash on some cards because it's so narrow.

Yes. In my opinion, icons on dead characters are still "in play" for purposes of cards such as this or for meeting the prerequisites of mysteries.

Sorry for not answering sooner.

I'll double-check when I get home, but I believe it is the skull icon. The skull is the icon commonly used to represent disease - it's the story icon on galled by gangrene, suffered from sores, and the like. So the Horrid Hospital has disease and horror (the snake is actually supposed to be a creepy tentacle).

It is hard to recognize, but once you realize it's a negative image, what you've got are the two spots of the eyesockets and the teeth below.