Goetic Arts-Ish (Done)

I've been considering a concept (Ex Miscellanea) that would use non-corrupted versions of the Goetic Arts, for Magic and/or Faerie.

...thing is, Ablation, Binding, and Commanding all seem quite powerful, especially when you get to the part where a Magus substitutes Rego and Vim. I mean, you're essentially able to create Magic creatures and give yourself assorted Virtues.

Now, I'd like to keep the Re Vi bit, but tone them down to something more reasonable, but still cool, interesting, and Rather Different from hermetic magic.

(The alternative is a Mythic Companion, of course, but I'm aiming away from that option for now.)

EDIT: After discussing this with some of the others, I've come to three possible choices.

  1. A combination of Summoning with Spell Binding, Hermetic Empowerment, and Hermetic Theurgy (possibly with Names of Power thrown in.)
  2. Go with the original idea proposed above. A slightly gimped and non-Infernal version of the Goetic Arts. (Favor this one somewhat. If I could work something out I might use this. Mind you, the four Major Virtues alone is painful.)
  3. Sahir (or a Sahir-like tradition, but I like the idea of playing a Sahir.)

All of your ideas sound OK. I like the sahir idea best.

Another idea is that summoning and commanding can be accomplished with vanilla hermetic magic. (TMRE p 28) so you wouldn't have to rely on your supernatural major virtue allow you to deal with the spirits. You could use an applicable minor magical focus as the hermetic minor virtue and for your ExMiscelania major supernatural virtue you could take a beefed up version of second sight or an ability to negotiate for a few uses of spirit's powers.

Summoning has one thing I haven't see Hermetic magic do, and that's find spirits without even knowing they're there or having an Arcane Connection. There's a spell to summon spirits you have an arcane connection with (which is, thankfully, not hard at all to find) but it's a level 40 effect (and requires a different spell for every Realm of spirit!) There's a very similar Coerce spell that has a much more reasonable level of 20 (wouldn't mind so much having 2 versions of that,) I might consider using that instead of Command.

In fact, this is the road I intend ardath (from the Ad Fons PbF saga) to take. Summon them, and then, use your hermetic power against them.
Although you could also use mentem-coercion effects against intelligent spirits.