Going Nuclear

Yes, though wasn't there some mention in the house writeup that some Flambeau favor formal duels for wizards wars. Hum Pila of Flame at 30 paces at Tribunal, that I can see...


I just thought of an idea in consideration of the original spell that started off this thread. What if the effect was made as an Invested Device? Change the Range to Personal and Target to Individual. and simply up the Size of that individual flame to cover the desired area. Keed the Duration as Diameter, that's an overlooked aspect of the spell in question, and I think it has interesting side effects (melt stone, insure area is fully torched, etceteas). With the magnitudes you saved, up the damage by 15 (to +45) points. Way i figure, the maximom fire soak one could have, assuming Ignem 40 and flame warded armour, is about 44 (+5 Sta, +8 for Ignem 40, +25 for top ward, +6 for armour). Even one point of unsoaked damage will bbe multiplied into 20 light wounds/first degree burns, effectively crippling the baddest magus so that he's easy pickings for the clean up crew. And his armour melted all over him too.

The way to make this work is to spend as many levels towards Penetration as is possible. Get a Verditius magus, with a magic focus in Creating Fire, Verditius Runes, lab assistants & forge companions, and all the cheries on top that are possible, and viola.

Place the enchantment on a bust of Ares and call it a War-Head. It requires that you use some sort of ReTe effect to teleoprt it to your target. Better yet, fly overhead and drop it. Make the trigger "falling impact". Seems a waste to make it a Greater Enchantment, because the device is irrecoverable, but you could get an even higher penetration by spending multiple seasons instilling it, and you can place a second effect in it to teleport or fly the device to it's target.

There has to e a reason that this, or something of a similar scale, isn't eing done already. Or perhaps it has. Maybe there is just such a device, several of them, locked in the cellar of Verdi. Maybe they did use this item during the Schism War, and the devestation was so severe to the natural ecology around the target, it angered many nature spirits and it was pledged to never do this again (and thus the remaining devices and lab notes are locked away at Verdi).

You know what? Give this item some interesting twists so it's not so straight forward, and an interesting story could be made out of it's discovery/recovery/use/etceteras.

Pardon me for my slight confusion but it seems now that instead of something you cast AT someone or something, you are suggesting that you would give this device to someone and hope they use it to immolate themselves and those around them?

I think any magus using any device proffered to them by another magus (whom they did not personally know and trust) would be sorely negligent and rather foolish to do so without first taking it into the lab for a serious round of InVi research to discern its real powers. Once any magus did that theyd know its effect would be upon the user and would summarily dispose of it or turn it over to the Questors with charges of attempted murder to boot.

You'd need to make it range touch.
From p.111:

At range personal (of course as I mentioned above range personal doesn't work with a creo ignem spell, but range touch creo ignem or a muto spell to turn the item into an erupting volcano or some such calamity would work.) the item is a bomb that destroys itself. You just need to figure out a triggering method that doesn't involve being in the vicinity.

Okay, change the range. You wouldn't give this device to a wanna be martyr eathir. Not my style. I'd fly overhead and drop it, set the enchantment with an environmental trigger that activates it when it hist the ground.

Or set the Environmental Trigger to a specific stellar conjunction, and exact date and time. Enchant a gift this way, a Trojan Horse. "Happy Birthday to the magus Blindsidedus", then at midnight... BOOM!

That wouldn't be an "environmental" trigger, just a normal action-based trigger costing nothing extra. Just don't drop it while walking around with it. :wink:

Then you make the condition "If it hits the ground after the pin is pulled." Fly overhead, pull the pin out when you drop it, and ReCo out of the blast area. Simple and neat, and you can even put a dummy cord on the pin so that if he forgets to pull it when he drops it, it gets pulled out anyway... :slight_smile:

As an aside, we had a magus in a tabletop saga come up with a version of Earth Shock that shook everything up, within a league (L45 - I'll have to check the math, tho) If you want to make the spell a ritual, we figured you could get the entire country of France at L55 or 60... The problem is, you're in the center of the effect when it goes off...


Hmmm, don't let any such spell anywhere near Loch Caillte, I don't expect the Fae would be too appreciative of the devastation, to say the least. :wink:

Which in turn leads to the greater question. Yeah, sure, there are many high level devestating effects one can manage in a variety of Art combinations. Some are easier than others, but you can toss a firestorm, hurricane, death plague, or whatnot against your target; be it a covenant or a city.

The real issue is the motivation and consequences of these actions.

Why do you want to do this? Who is encouraging you or trying to stop you? Are you creating this "just-in-cas", or do you intend to use it? Will others trust you with this sort of power? Can you trust yourself?

It matters not, for you are a wizard with free will. What matters is what happens if you use it. Sure, fires and plagues and storms happen all the time. But part of the reson for the Order is to make sure that magi are not the cause of them.

Better cover your tracks. :laughing:

(Use an unmarked flying carpet to drop it from...) 8)

That works. Or your broom!

Hurricanes, earthquakes... Common enough.

Firestorms.... well, not very common outside Sodoma and Gomorra, IIRC. The MIB-style Q's would be very interested in natural-happening firestorms, methinks :wink:

IMS the only 2 cases where similar stuff happened wetre the climatic end of sagas. IN the first intance, the immolation of a covenant overrun by demons. Ala old Flambeau's death. Nice rolling. The second one also included nice rolling, but instead of being a death song of the phoenix it was the sociopathic troupe take on a rival covenant, battleling in Toledo. 8 mages (including a mediating quaesitor) and the whole city went straight to the afterlife. If the characters had survived they would have been marched. Twice, if possible. :laughing:

Causing havoc is easy. It is not recommended if you do not want to get in deeper troubles than what you were trying to solve, though.



Why? Were there witnesses...?


Well, those nice intellego rituals have to be used sometime, don'tm you think?

Besides, it was widely known that those were supposed to be peace talks. held in a city so that the aura prevented just that kind of battle.