Gorilla Fighter Sabotage Skill Maximum

Hey, first-time poster. I have a logistics question regarding the Gorilla Fighter character archetype. It's Sabotage skill doesn't have a listed maximum, unlike pretty much every other archetype with that skill, which leads me to believe that I can theoretically boost that skill to ridiculous heights at character creation.

But I doubt that's the case, and my GM isn't really good at responding to emails. I want to create a demolitions expert monkey, and having carte blanche on sabotage would be epic. So can I, or is there a max that just isn't listed on the page?

from the look of it, quick look mind, the highest you could have it with 7 points of skill bonuses would be 15, leaving MA/Shootydeath at 10 a piece. - doesn't seem to be any bonus to stats is why.

Which is ok...if you're fighting mooks and planning on blowing stuff up' but I'd still go with a higher martial skill, esp as explosives usually are not built during high action scenes (whereas I would use your martial arts to throw smaller ones.

of course the higher you have it then the more boom for your buck I guess.

If I'm reading that wrong (page 100 Gorilla Warfare) then ask Queex!

I've always played it as though the cap of 12 applied to any skill without a listed cap, but rereading the main book it actually says that that's only for skills not listed in the type. I could have sworn there was an FAQ question resolving that, but I can't for the life of me find it now.

The Gorilla Fighter does get bonuses to stats, though, from Hardware schticks, which IIRC boost skill at chargen in the same way that stat bonuses so.

But as long as there isn't another player with a Techie, Gearheard or other character with a heavy thematic emphasis on Sabotage-type stuff, I don't see the harm in letting get to 15.

yeah Hardware S, I forgot that as I don't use them that often, or at least my players haven't.