[GotF] are Philipus' Niger's Vim spells to general?

He knows "The Heathen Witch Reborn", which IIRC is featured in HoH:Soc under Ex Misc, Line of Pralix. It reverses shapechange spells/Abilities

He also knows "Shatter the Malicius Rune" which dispels rune magic.

The guidelines for these kinds things are similar to "Unravelling the Fabric of [Form]" and notes you need to specify, Hermetic Terram magic is an example, so is Shamanistic Spirit Magic IIRC.
So you need to specify both Tradition and individual Art/Ability

Doesn't "...Heathen Witch..." need to specify which tradition of Witches? Pomeranian Witches, Folk Witches?
And if "...Malicious Rune..." affects any rune from Vitkir Magic...that is very powerful, too powerful if you ask me!

I know the Vitkar have a lot more different runes than Hermetics have Forms, so one spell for each rune seems excessive. Hedge Magic notes about Vitkar Magic that runes are categories into 3 aets. But this may be too few, Unravelling-like spells become too easy IMHO.
It also lumps them together into 7 (or 8) groups according to a poem, based on the theme of the runes. That may be a more appropriate number.

Any comments? Anybody else see this?

Didn't this crop up in another thread as well?


Yes, they are too general now - as opposed to when they were originally written.

Today we have a complete description of eg. Rune magic, and in order to have spells comparable to eg Unravelling the Form of Corpus, dspelling rues would require spells such as Shatter the Malicius Rune of (Rune), ie.Shatter the Malicius Rune of Dagaz.

Back when GotF was published, this was not the case, so his spells seemed in order, but now they clearly aren't.

Ths case is similar to the The Heathen Witch Reborn from HoH: S (p. 129), which was fine at the time, but would now have to be limited to shapeshiting effects of a specific tradition.
Similarly for the Quiet the Cursing Tounge, which was fine at the time HoH: S was published, but because we now have acces to several different types of cursing magics, is far too general.

This is an example of the game evolving as more material is being published.

But the core ArM5 rules says for Perdo Vim guidelines specifically that Unravelling is to "Dispell magic of a specific type...Hermetic Terram magic of Shamanistic spirit control magic..."
The Rego Vim guidelines for suppresing magic came in HoH:Soc, which may very well have come out after GotF,
I know the specifics of Rune magic and other Hedge traditions came later. But the general rules predate all.

As long as the Troupe cna agree on how broad or specific to define such magics it is all fine I guess. It does sound excessive to need a new Unravelling for each Rune, there are so bloody many of them! OTOH it makes sense that the OoO is the Order's boogeyman...

OK, I suppose that strictly speaking they were never OK s they had only a single identifier rather than the 2 indecated by the guidelines as necessary.

I was rather thinking of HMRE (and Rival Magics) if that was unclear.

I must admit I don't really find it that excessive. Annoying perhaps, but that's about it.

I must admit I don't really find it that excessive. Annoying perhaps, but that's about it.
Well, not excessive really. More in the line of 'challenging' - which is a good thing! Even though there are 24 Runes (or is it 28?) not all of them are vital to be able to Unravel if you want to cross swords with the Rune wizards.