Grand Tribunal America 2009: Mythic San Francisco

This is just a quick reminder that the only Ars Magica convention taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area this year is fast approaching! More information is available at, but here's a few highlights:

  • Three days of lots of actual Ars Magica games!
  • Ars Magica authors, including Mark Lawford (all the way from the UK!), John Post, and Erik Tyrrell!
  • Lots of familiar faces from the Ars Magica community, including such illustrious forum names as Marko Markoko, BellaDonna, and Verticius!
  • A live-action game with all of the Founders in!
  • A raffle, T-shirts, and maybe other surprises too!

I believe that the hotel price increases after this weekend, so if you've been sitting on the fence, now is a very good time to sign up!

Apparently, the hotel price increases on June 30, not May 30. So you've still got some time to work it out if you think you might join us, but not that much!

Program details will be set in the next three weeks. If anyone else wants to run a session (we're targeting 2 and 4 hour blocks), now is the time to let me know! :slight_smile:

We still have a few more rooms available at the convention pricing. Prices go up substantially after the block is full or after 30 June.


And you can pre-order t-shirts for the con here: (you need not attend the con to order one!!)

I am beginning to think I can make this!

Please do! The more, the merrier...

Great. I'm looking forward to this.

Folks, just wanted to remind everyone that the special procing for the hotel ends on the 30th of June. Due to the financial downturn, they may extend it, but I would NOT count on it.

On a related note, we still have a number of open slots for convention tickets (irrespective of hotel reservations).

Hope to see you there!


I've received login details for the page, but my details don't appear to be working. Can someone contact me off-thread to look at what I'm doing wrong?



An update. It's started! Erik and Toshi are getting set up downstairs and I'm getting all the news down upstairs.

I think us early birds are going to meet Erik Tyrrell from the airport and then off to some hijinks around the Bay Area. Then back to the hotel for meet, greet, eat, and then... play (couldn't think of anything else that rhymed there. No-one'll notice).

What time is that?


Just got out of Kurt's LARP tribunal game about fifteen minutes ago. Good fun. Well done. I was allowed to just sit around and let people come to me (I have a sprained ankle, so loitering around on foot wasn't part of my game plan) but I was also well-placeed to overhear lots of things. So there's a hint right there, if you ever want to have a private conversation make sure it really is private rather than just talking quietly. And we had lots of moral discussions too, which I won't go into, it being so late.

Okay, to bed now. Up for breakfast and more gaming tomorrow...

Itis 7.30 Sunday morning. Just getting up now for the last day of the tribunal. Had a really good day yesterday; discussion panel in the morning followed by the enchantments contest. There were some great prizes on offer and Erik Dahl pipped everyone (well, I say "pipped", he romped home - in more ways than one) with some shameless enchantments and even more shameless acting. All I can say is, I'm glad I was there.

The afternoon was filled with John Post's Hedge-Magic-based story. That went surprisingly well considering that I don't think many of us were familiar with the HM rules. The one big thing I came away from the story with is an enthusiasm to use at least Learned Magicians and a few of the other traditions in that book. I can see John's story working as a sidestep from a regular saga or even kicking off something new that isn't based around the Order of Hermes.

I played in Paul Briscoe's game in the evening. I played the hired Flambeau bodyguard to a very high maintenance Sicilian Verditius glassblower. We're not finished with that one yet so I hope we get time to do that today. I'm looking forward to seeing how many more buttons I can press before the Tremere Hoplite loses it.

Right, that's it for now. Next post will probably be the end of the tribunal...

Tribunal is drawing toa close :frowning:
It was a fantastic time! I got to meet many people I know only from the forums butnow I have metthemin real life. Most excellent and cool :slight_smile:
Just finished the City of Brass scenerio I was running. Jinni make for an interesting adventure.
It was an awesome Tribunal, and I can't wait to do it again next year.:smiley:

There you go. We're all done. Fantastic time had by all. Fantastic.

We nearly got everything finished, with just Paul's murder mystery to finish online, which I'm looking forward to. And I've never seen so many dice roll so many zeroes in so short a time, so I'm hoping the switch to online can only help my fate.

Apart from the curse of "The Zero Stick" I had a great time and met some truly hospitable people. I'm humbled by how welcoming everyone was. You know, if you get the chance to attend a GT event (wherever it may be next year) move heaven and earth to do so. Big thanks to Kurt, Toshi, Erik Dahl, and Eric Vesbit, not to mention Debbie for all the hard work and making the weekend so successful.



p.s. If anyone sees twenty pawns of Ignem vis... they're mine.

Is it possible that if there are any write ups of the planned stories you guys play that they can be put online as resources for other games to use?

The more resources and ideas the better for all of us :smiley:


I didn't run any games myself but I guess the write-ups are for each author to decide on.

If you're looking for some pick-up-and-play scenarios, Sub Rosa magazine has a scenario in each issue (as I remember) and Tales of Mythic Europe has a great spread of stories across multiple realms, themes, and scale.

Sorry I can't be any more definite.


Hey folks. Just wanted to add my voice to the "well dones" I'm seeing here. It was a great time had by all.

As for publication, Eric V and myself will be collecting what write-ups there are and we'll be posting after the convention member's approval. We want to do a good job, so we will post in a few weeks.

Many thanks to all for the support, effort, and the enthusiasm. WELL done, WELL DONE, well DONE!


p.s. As for next year, please view under a different thread.

It was a fantastic time for novices and veterans alike. I have been inspired to fill out the Hibernian covenant from which the drunken Aoife ex Merinita came As "emissary" (truthfully she was just tribunal crashing for free food and wine and to scope out how deep your coffers ran since she did actually have a pawn of vis to trade anyone!) And, that faerie hating Bonisagus is SO lucky she didn't cast her special Curse of Priapus spell on him! I can't wait for 2010! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds good. Wish I could have been there with Marko's "City of Brass" and John's "Hedge Magic" escapades it sounds good.

Happy to lend a hand proofreading any write-ups etc.