Grand Tribunal America 2011: Solvang, CA 8/18-8/21

Salvete, sodales!

A new year is approaching and with it a new Grand Tribunal event. This time the meeting will take place in New Denmark, a tiny little village in Southern California known as Solvang to the locals. Our new praeco, BellaDonna, will provide the registration details here soon for those who would like to attend. I look forward to seeing you there!

Erik Dahl
GTA Redcap

LOL Erik, I posted a regular topic page. Should I move the information up here to this thread?

Heh, no, I'll just switch them.

All BellaDonna's information has been moved to the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

That sounds very fascinating. As a native Dane living in Denmark I find the idea of the convention in Solvang really fun. I've been there sometime back in '87. I really wish I could go, but unfortunately the lack of Hermes Portals leaves me economically challenged. I might go to the UK thing instead, that would also rock. But the fact is UK is pretty close to Denmark and I've been there quite a bit and can go there with little effort. The US is a bit more of a stretch.