Grand Tribunal Ars Magica Conventions Secrets!

David has written a special Message from the Line Editor for both the UK and USA Grand Tribunals, which will reveal (to attendees) a few glimpses of what the future holds for Ars releases. And it's looking good! Authors will be allowed to say a little about the books he mentions; but as The Sundered Eagle will be out by then I guess we will be talking a LOT about it (I wrote for it) and also Rivals (where I also had a hand). After that two more books are briefly mentioned, but you have to attend Tribunal to find out what -- sorry!

Also this year we will be running "Mystery Playtest" sessions where attendees can sign a disclaimer (NDA) and provide feedback by playing in a session based on an even further in teh future release, again with David's full consent and approval.

The Conventions re scheduled for August 2oth to 22nd at Lake Tahoe, USA and Cheltenham, England. Please do join us if you can!

For the US ---

and for the UK

I'll happily help with any UK enquiries

cj x

Great news, CJ.

If there are readers out there who are still to be tempted into a trip to Cheltenham (or the equally Lake Tahoe), this is just what you've been waiting for.

And the secret books are so secret I don't even know what they are or whether I've worked on them! I'll be as surprised as anyone.


It might be a good idea for those who can't make it to post questions for the authors that they might like asked in the panel discussions. At least forSundered Eagle and Rival Magic they might get someone who goes to the con to ask it for them and share their findings here... :slight_smile:

That sounds great! I would love to be there. Too bad I live half-way between the two and can't spare the money and time right now. :cry: Happily, I can afford the books and will be snatching them up when they become available. Everyone who's going, enjoy! Should be fantastic!

Erik, good idea! I'll have to think of some questions.


It sucks to live in Brazil, sometimes.

Only sometimes.

I think that Brazil and New York could both easily host GT's.

Which reminds me of how Grand Tribunal came about. It was years ago on the Berklist, when someone mentioned that Amber the rpg had a dedicated con, and said wonder why Ars Magica did not have one. Someone said "ok organise one then". Kevin Sides who lives in the same town as me said "Ok, we'll do it". He meant of course "CJ will do it". So I did.

I think we threw together that first legendary convention in 2007 in a few months. I had no idea what I was doing, none at all. I had no venue, no plan, no funding -- just sheer enthusiasm. Erik Dahl flew over from California, Matt Ryan from New York, and Leif from and Karl from Norway, and Ptt from Germany. Matt and Erik slept on our floors (well only in my case because the bed i had prepared for Matt collapsed the first night). I paid for a uni rooms venue, and a grubby little community centre. I think people preferred the community centre, and we still use it today, despite many misgivings from some of the delegates :slight_smile:

Somehow, from the sheer enthusiasm of the delegates, it all worked. In 2008 we repeated it, and tried to make it better -- and that year Grand Tribunal USA was born, created by Erik. In 2009 GT UK ran at Cambridge, under Neil and Sheila's watchful eye, and owing to a last minute financial crisis I never made it -- but I was in the middle of a marriage break up to be fair.

And in 2010 we are back in Cheltenham, with two weeks to go, and again, the event will be a success, of that I am sure -- mainly because of the lovely people who comprise Ars Magica fandom. :slight_smile:

cj x

Thanks for the history, that's a fun beginning for a con :slight_smile:

I say we repay Matt for that collapsed bed ordeal and have a convention in Ithaca . . . it uh, may not be coincidental that I live very close to there.

That was me. 8)

As CJ's thing here is pointing out, GTs happen by just -doing them-, and for Australians, the closest thing to just doing one is Uprising (the GenCon Oz replacement) in September.

Which sadly I can't even make it to this year, but I can always plan for the year after...

A trip from Oz to either UK or USA is prohibitive not from cost but from time / timezone issues with my schedule often.

Given the technology these days I always wonder why we can't get more virtual conference like with some of these events for panels etc.

I use a technology for work sometimes called WebEx:

I suspect there are costs involved but it's really the only way I can do some meetings.

HAs anyone looked at this or have some insider knowledge on this sort of Imaginem?


Thanks for making my morning. :slight_smile:

I really can't make either convention this year, which is too bad because I contributed to both Rivals and Sundered Eagle (two fantastic projects, but I shouldn't say more).

Maybe I can field questions remotely. There are several web conferencing applications available and I've experimented with many of them. As the cons get closer I might be able to link in.

Finally, Cartogriffi, if you live "very close", please email me privately. Are you within striking range to join our upcoming saga?Maybe sit in for a session in a guest role? If the distance is too far for a regular thing, meeting and having coffee is also a fun idea.


Matt Ryan

We should chat, Cartogriffi. :slight_smile: Part of the deal with GTA is that it migrates; so far every year has been at a different location. Once the Tahoe event is over, the committee will start looking at proposals for next year's convention. Maybe you and Matt can put together something for 2011?

I'm fairly sure Ithaca is within a Regio which would make it a natural location for such a convention. Unfortunately this also makes it very difficult to get to for those outside of the Regio - I'm supposedly 30 miles away it still takes me an hour along little-known winding paths! It's obscure location is balanced by the fact that it is quite pretty, or as the natives say, "Ithaca is gorges."

If this did come my way I'd be very glad to help out. I bring absolutely no experience with conventions but plenty of enthusiasm. :slight_smile: