[Grand Tribunal] Number of players vs. playability

I took out Grand Tribunal last night - and it's been a year or two since I played it the last time. And I simply could not get it to work - I've reread the rules a couple of times and cannot find out if I botched things up.

We were 3 players - and I suspect that I might have been playing with more the other times I've played it. The problem was simply that with three players there are very few rounds in which to act in each tribunal. Unless I've read the rules wrongly, which is what I've been checking over and over, each player will only have his turn 3 times (6 actions in total) and with only 3 turns it's almost impopssible to get an item ready for the tribunal and it is completely impossible to do anything but advance/invest the items/spells you had from the outset or you simply cannot make it (even if using the Double Advance Action). This is a real pity - there's no room for going with anything but with what you got, just as there is no room "wasting" an action on casting a spell, cast a votes etc. What's left is actually to do nothing but mechanically administrating the cards given you in the beginning...

Please tell me I'm wrong, that I've misunderstood the number of rounds or something alike it! For the moment it's my stance that the game isn't doable with 3 players. Did anyone make it work, and how?

I'd like just to add that some of the rules variants in the Errata/FAQ seem to be next to instrumental in making the game work.

I read somewhere a good variant rule for three players:
The first player gets to be a Praeco one more time each tribunal. Thus, everybody gets 1 more action per tribunal. Or, if you prefer, the Praeco gets to do one more action before passing the marker and starting a new round (same effect in number of actions).

Another variation could be to be Praeco 2 times before each tribunal, but this could be too many actions.

Yes, I tried with three players as well. My friend John was most indignant, as he played a Resource giving +1vis when gathering, and of course we all had Vis coming out of our ears owing to the low number of actions. Still the game played well and we had a fun game, albeit a very short one. I've not seen the Errata/FAQ, where is that?

And just to tempt you along to Grand Tribunal the convention, the author PR Chase has very kindly written an essay on the game well worth reading here -
gt08.ekkaia.org/page/Grand_Tribu ... Board_Game
which will also feature in this years programme. If anyone else would lie to contribute, please pm me!

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Ahh - missed the answers on account of none for a long while plus not visiting this corner of the forum very often.

The errata can be found on the Atlas website at http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG1280.php.

I haven retried the game recently - Ars Magica on one hand and many other boardgames on the other keeping us occupied, but I guees I'll give it another shot, but probably not with less than 4 players. With 3 players it seems all dependent on chance, what with no room to postpone things or maneouver. Chance games might be fun at times, but I prefer a small measure of player influence at least, and that doesnt seem feasible with 3 players.

I am still hoping to come this year's event in Cheltenham, but my co-players seems bent on letting studies, concussions etc. trip us... so the jury is still out on that one I'm afraid.

I know about concussion - trust me... :frowning: Thanks for that, yes one of the errata makes a huge difference to how the game plays I think - the bit about NOT getting vis every new Tribunal. Right I shall have to play it again now and see...

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This poor fella just had his fourth concussion in 2 years (and I'm the on supposed having a risky job of the two of us).

BTW Christian, I havent been able to access the Tribunal-site recently.

No, I just noticed that. It was working Sunday I made a couple of edits. Hopefully will resolve itself over the next couple of days...

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Falk? Is that right? I'm trying to think back to my childhood, but I mean Fire service? Well yes, so far being a ghosthunter has been fairly safe, owing to a marked lack of ghosts. I was accidentally breathing in fumes, fell in to a book case and injured myself in the subsequent collapse last night. OK now though. :slight_smile:

Anyway the wiki is back up!
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You're right - in many parts of Denmark the fire service is handled by a private firm called Falck, but I however work for a genuine fire department (so no stockholders earning money from other peoples' accidents) - small but crucial difference.

Cheers on the site - will check it at once.