Grand Tribunal UK

Grand Tribunal UK will be held from August 19-21 this summer. I'll be there. So will lots of Ars Magica authors. It's part of Consternation, a larger RPG convention, but every single member of the Consternation committee is an Ars Magica author, so we're not going to be sidelined.

It has its own forum on the Atlas site, but if you've not booked yet, you've got a couple of days before the price of the convention goes up.

Grand Tribunals typically have lots of Ars Magica goodness; standard games, freeforms, discussions, and so on. You know you want to be there.

I'm coming with a few grogs. :slight_smile: Hopefully meet some of you there?

Yep I'm coming. The UK one is a lot close to me then the US. Although being from Mythic Denmark myself, visiting Mythic New Denmark is always a hoot...or perhaps painfully embarassing (I actually visited Solvang briefly back in '87).

Ultima Thule seem to be sending its normal band of three. Bringing exotic vis, strange foods and a thirst for Real Ale.

I'm looking forward to it.


Mrs. spidermage and I will be there.

Could the Redcap apply a poke with a pointy pen, and persuade the Vis bearers to send missives to the Chief Redcap at the Grand Tribunal, to record their attendance and arrange hospitality...?

Dear "spidermage" - could you let me know, at, which real-life members you and Mrs Spidermage are?

That way I can mark you up as attending Grand Tribunal. this has no significance to you (as all Consternation members are automatically members of Grand tribunal and vice versa, but it helps the GT organisers justify their existence if they can point to specific members and say "they are here for the Tribunal!"

If anybody should happen to travel to the Grand Tribunal by such mundane means of a flight to London, Stanstead some time on friday at 11-12ish (just before noon, for those who don't use 24 hours clocks!) and I'll book a cab to Cambridge, which holds 3 people at the same price, so...

And I'll be leaving on monday with a hideously early flight, with the same cab arrangement.

PM me if this catches your interest.

I think I have arranged mine. The two with the "unfocused" flaw should be prodded (gently) by blunt objects to get their attention :wink:

The cost to go to Stanstead from Trondheim was 6 times the cost of going to Heathrow. Seems I'll need some entertainment for the coach ride both ways...

For me the trip via Stanstead cost 1/3 what I could get to other nearby airports. Plus it was a direct flight, unlike the ones with stops in Copenhagen, Franfurt etc. But I'm stuck with the very few and often inconvenient flight times for Ryan air.

Sometimes Denmark seems a better choise to live in.

On another subject:
I have posted (the first?) game in the GTUK forum and will put it up on the wiki later today. I hope this will inspire more people to put up their games.

If you were wavering about going to GT UK, let me prod you again. You can still get accommodation in the College where it's being held, and that's definitely the best place to stay (unless you actually live in Cambridge, I guess). I don't get to meet Ars Magica fans very often, so the more of you there, the better. At least for me.

I can't stretch to California this year so I'll be in cambridge... assuming I get on and book. Must do that tonight.

One day I'll get to one of these with the rest of the inmates of Vidua Vasta..... But as I am getting married not long after, I think this year may be a miss...


Could you bring forward the date of the wedding so that the ceremony could be built into a freeform? Just a thought. :wink:

Apparently the answer is a resounding no.......