I know there were stats for griffins in one of the 5th edition books, but can't seem to find them anywhere. Anyone remember them, or am I getting my editions confused?

Only thing about griffins I remember reading in fifth edition was how to determine the size of a chimera inner heartbeast.

If you have the fourth edition Medieval Bestiary they're on page 55.

I can't remember seeing anything for fifth edition.

In short, they're listed as having Magic Might 45 and size +3.

They have:

Cun: 0, Per: +3, Str +9, Sta +6, Dex +2, Qik +3
Brave +6, Fierce +6

They attack with claw or beak and have one power, Mantle of Bravery which makes it resistant to attacks that target its strength, bravery, or hunting. It has Keen Vision and contains a total of 9 pawns of vis (6 animal in its heart, and 3 auram in its wings).

Sub Rosa #2, pp. 28-29 has Griffin stats for the current edition; by Ben McFarland. Magic Might scaled down to 30. Rather different powers from the old bestiary but stylish.

Ah, that'd be it.