Grimgroth Awards - Voting FINALLY Opens

So it's been a hectic month - in fact the Oscars night when I opened nominations for the unofficial 2014 Grimgroth Ars Magica awards seems like a lifetime ago, so much have I had to contend with. Life has, even by my rather unusual standards, been positively weird lately. Anyway we won't talk about that - suffice to say I have continued writing, promoting Ars and still have all my limbs, and am passably sane. :slight_smile: I will now resume my interrupted correspondence with everyone from three weeks ago, and apologise now to everyone awaiting emails or pm's. It has been --- different, even by my standards, which are fairly outré to begin with.

So the long and short of it is - you nominated for these awards, now you can finally vote in them. The voting is open till April 30th 2014, 9pm GMT, and one person (well one IP address) per vote. Don't cheat. :slight_smile:

Hope amuses, and do comment on what you think of the nominations, etc, etc.
So here, at last, are the Grimgroths! ... 8/viewform

cj x

Well, my votes have been cast!

Can't wait to see who emerges victorious... :smiley:

Edit: Ooooh and I'm a Sovereign Regnant now too! So is there a Mystery Initiation required or do I just wait for my local Redcap to show up with mountains of Vis and silver?

My vote's been cast.

My votes are in, too, and I'm thrilled at seeing the Dragon Abbot nominated, as well as Sub Rosa! :slight_smile:


Not familiar with the voting format - is it possible to vote for "some" and then come back and finish voting for others, or can you only "submit" once, and any left blank are then permanently locked out?

Tequila and virtual noogies.

Voted, great work CJ.

This looks great, it was worth the wait. Congratulations.

(Also, not meaning to be nit-picking, but I think Nightwalkers are from Hedge Madgic, and not Rival Magic…?).

(Yup, hedge magic for the nightwalkers)

Voted :slight_smile: Thanks CJ!

Before voting for a forum poster I used the search function to bring up some posts made by and threads started by the nominees. It turns out that I love you all.

Just realised the Oscars coming round means it is a year since the last Grim Gimgroths! Who wants to host them this year? :slight_smile:

CJ x