[Grimoire help] - Perfection of Memories

The Intellego Imaginem guideline states - Level 1: "Memorize or perfect your memory about an image you have encountered". This gives interesting opportunities, but how to do so is rather vague. Several prossibilities are probable.
First we have the "Memorize" part, which has some options.
1: In/Im Lvl 5 Ind/Mom/Vision (Base 1, +4 Vision). You burn the image into your brain and will recollect it (perfectly or imperfectly?) later. (Or may be target for perfection?)
2: In/Im Lvl 20 Ind/Moon/Vision (Base 1, +3 Moon, +4 Vision) You memorize the image perfectly for the duration of the spell after which it begins to fade.
Which of these are plausible, or both?
Perfection of memories: Is the target individual for individual memories, or vision for the sense originally used? Also Momentary as you "perfect your recollection of the image in a flash of insight" or longer duration for "you perfect your recollection of the image for a while after which it fades?

Spell name suggestions are also appreciated.

In my opinion, Definitely number 2. Duration has to play a major factor in the memorization spell, just like any other spell. I once worked on something similar and, based on the example in PeIm for Veil of Invis, added a +1 for changing images, which let someone memorize a book for the 'duration' by letting Rego in as a Req. All they had to do was look at each page for a second, so they could memorize a whole book in mere seconds, and go back and 'read (or write)' it later as long as it was in the duration.


Good question.

I find it very questionable that Intellego Imaginem affects memory at all. I would definitely put that under Intellego Mentem. By putting this effect under InIm the ArM5 writers suggest the mind contains actual images, perhaps hinting at an Imaginem internal microcosm. Very curious.
Here are my thoughts.

I suggest that the mind naturally remembers only partially, retaining but fragments and parts of ideas and sensory perceptions. These memories are retained by the mind indefinitely, and are never truly lost, although they may be tattered and fragmented. That is why, with effort, you can remember things you have forgotten. This suggests the following interpertation.
Memorizing an item implies putting an unnaturally perfect memory of it in the target's mind. (This actually fits well as an Intellego Imaginem sense spell.) Once the spell breaks the memory will be frayed, shattered, and be forgotten as normal - but all the parts are still there. The spell should affect one image, hence an Individual, or grant a magically acute sense, hence an Intellego-sense target.
Perfecting a memory implies bringing together the disparate parts of the forgotten memory, making it whole and allowing the target to remember it as if it were fresh. It doesn't allow perfect recall, not unless the actual memory was perfect (as is the case if it was magically Memorized). (This affect I'll move to Intellego Mentem, or allow Intellego Imaginem only if cast from within the target's micorcosm.) The target should actually be Group for a collection of memories/images, as the shattered memory is brought together; although I can see an Individual target for the Mentem version, as it affects one mind.

I think that this spell eould work very well in conjunction with "By his Works" or "The Good Witness" from p73 of HoH : True Lineages. They are creo mentem spells that restore an old memory to a like new condition.

Ok after I've wracked my brain (and a little input from Berklist) I have the following spell suggestion for memorizing images.
1: In/Im Lvl 5 Ind/Mom/Vision (Base 1, +4 Vision). You memorize an image you envision at the moment. This memory fades as normal, but may be recalled perfectly with an InIm (or InMe?) formula.