Grogs Contents

Grogs is almost ready for press, so we've put up its Table of Contents to give you a sneak peek. You'll find it on the Grogs product page, in the right column ...

As always, please let me know if you find any problems. Thanks!

Mmm, tasty!

I am so looking forward to this book because some of our most memorable characters have been grogs including the older warrior with gout that couldn't resist indulging his curiosity and got us into so much trouble.

This looks extremely tempting. Directly useful and wonderful for quick (N)PCs :smiley:

Another great looking useful book for the best rpg ever! Honestly, everything I've purchased so far has been well written and incredibly useful.

Despite not expecting to run any games in the near future, i´m still tempted...

I'd say go for it if you can spare the change. ArM5e books are simply a pleasure to read. The info will come in handy if you do start up a game, and the story seeds and such could translate to nearly any game you might be running.

I'm hoping the grog templates towards the back of the book will help aclimate new players to the system and setting. I don't think that ArM5e has (or will) become rules-bloated the way DnD 3.x became, but it is such a rich tapestry that it can be overwhelming for new players.

Occasionally, over the past two months, as I've built up the foundations of my first saga, I've longed for the days of my last campaign, a series of "All Flesh Must Be Eaten" movies, when I could hand the players index-card character sheets and say "It's 1968. Viet Nam, I Corps, up near the Cambodian border. A little something the brass has cooked up called Operation Apache Snow. You're choppering into a hot LZ. You've got 5 minutes to decide who is the pilot, who is the gunner, and who is the guy who has to jump out first."

But that was beer and pretzles, this is fine wine.

Thank you.

I am also looking much forward to this publication. But then again I might be biased...

Is that 46 new flaws that I see? That looks like a tremendous boon to the game.

That is exactly what I was thinking. I dread creating grogs now because there are so few uninteresting flaws for grogs.

So I guess this is out soon...

Yes, it should be out very soon. I'm almost giddy, and I rarely get giddy.

That's been my biggest problem, too. Removing the magi-only and story Flaws, there's not much left for grogs, especially if you're making warriors since several of the Flaws effectively preclude being a warrior. I've been looking forward to this book more than any other for quite a while, as much as I have liked the other books.


Once again, they really have to stop making books this good. I mean, it's so horrible that I have to keep buying them. :smiley: