Grogs of Castra Pisces

Augustus has a few issues- 1) he has an ability in magical meditation, but did not take the related quality, and cannot since it is a major quality
2) he has 150xp in improved abilities, 50 from warrior and 50 from educated, which puts the rest at a total of 810, which sits between autumn (720) and winter (1200)
3) what is the point to inoffensive to magical beings, since he does not have The Gift or a Magical air. also you have 22 points in characteristics but have only paid for 16 points
4) manifestation is an already defined spirit power (ROP:M p. 102) which works very differently
5) When designing powers please include both technique and form for easier reference
6) dematerialize would have a base effect of 25 (35-10) not 15.

The Magical Spirit virtue has Magical Air intrinsically. Will make the other adjustments. He's meant to be Autumn so will take some xp out.

Does he not get a free native language? (Just trying to figure out the discrepancy so I know for next time.)

no, magical characters do not get a free language. The spring 120 points is essentially a 5 year old equivalent of 75 xp in native language +45 xp in other abilities.

I think I have fixed all the issues.

the maximum level=might only applies to focus powers, not lesser or greater powers, so the mastery points you have spent to raise a non existent limits are not required.

Arm the Conterbium is level 55 (base 25+5(touch)+10(sun)+15(group). Additionally with penetration:0 it will not affect any entity with might. However with cost:1 it should have penetration of 10- though this will need to be recalculated anyways...

I need to fix the pen. But I was assuming they could lower their MR anyway.

I thought all powers had a limit = might by default

Ind 0, part +1, group +2, no?

my mistake, I was thinking of range which included personal. You are correct. However that means call of the fallen eagles is level 45: 15(base) +5(touch)+10(sun)+10(group)+5(size)

The spell I used as model for Call had an extra mag for "summon & control"

okay, then it all fits, aside from mastery. I do not see anything indicating a limit based on might score, and under virtues where it has focus, lesser and greater powers for those with no might score it only indicates a need to calculate a maximum level with focus powers, as well as the fact that under mastery it only allows an increase to the maximum level with focus powers.