grogs of Hibernia

regarding Daire Cray:

  1. he should be associated with a covenant. Since characters are not really associated yet and the point is to allow campaigning with a magus this is understandable at this time, but noted
  2. affinity with profession (see house rules) covers all professions, a particular profession does not need to be specified
  3. training packages are not designed for character creation, nor do I use them in my games, they are convenience for easy advancement of grogs already in play...
  4. You have his age at 30, but his abilities indicate age 29.

I have updated Daire, added more points into Bee Keeping and updated the calc for fishing because i forgot about the Affinity.

I just used the training packages to speed up the creation process, but i will keep that in mind as well.

You hit the nail on the head for the covenant, i didn't assign any of the grogs to a covenant for this reason. I will make sure it is clear for any other grogs i make,

wild bees is not an appropriate focus for hunt- normal hunting methods do not apply and bees are not really tracked- more located with survival abilities...

Would wild bees be appropriate for a survival spec?


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Ok, he has been updated again. changed the spec and moved some points around to better reflect my new understanding of Hunting

approved, but lets change "work ethic" to "hard worker" under personality- the medieval concept of work ethic is not the same as what we associate with the term in the modern times. To begin with working too much could be considered avarice...

Ok, i updated that. I also added specialties for the other 2 grogs which i had forgotten to do previously, so they should be ready for approval as well

Re: Dolon the Odd: you have 2 abilities at 55 points for level 4, which is normally 50 points, and you are 10 points over age 22, though your listed age is 26. You also have 90 points into bows for level 5, which is normally 75 points

moved points from the 55 to Athletics to raise it to 3, dropped Bows to 80 for the 10 points over 22, and dropped age to 22, the extra 5 points in bows showing his plans to further practice / increase in the future.

Re: Eithne an Walentyna, survival should be specialized by type of terrain, not country. Otherwise approved

Dolon likewise should be by terrain type, not location for survival, but I'll let it stand until you decide what covenant he is attached to.

updated Eithne to plains,