grogs of thermakopolis

Works now. Just needed to be renamed.

please don't use the renaming method again- it worked in this case, but I have been know to create "webs" of related links that this could cause problems with in the future...

I checked the link first, it was entered with Spyridon pipe text displayed. I then copied the link name.

BTW, the renaming method is good because of that. Things that link to the old name are automatically changed.

sorry for the tone- its a pet peeve and my kids were misbehaving right before bed just now

I think the virtue you are looking for instead of "dutybound/dependent" is "devoted parent" from grogs.

other than that Spyridon is good

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I didn't know about it. It is weird that you couldn't see it. I have not had problems with that during the whole process, but will keep in mind the renaming thing. I decided to change the name when I saw we already had an Elpidia. I wasn't aware it caused issues with the coding.

I will take devoted parent (uncle) for Spyridon as suggested.