[Grogs] Training Packages

So far, my favorite thing, among the many goods things, in the new Grogs book is the Training Packages.

I've come up with three new ones for my saga, which I thought I'd share:

This package is the a typical village or town woman. (Based on the Priest's Wife from The Church)
Five Years: +5 Craft: Alewife, +15 Craft: Baker, +15 Craft: Cook, +40 Profession: Housewife
Three Years: +15 Craft: Cook, +30 Profession: Housewife

This package is for manor or covenant stewards.
Five Years: +15 Area Lore, +5 Intrigue, +15 Leadership, +40 Profession: Steward
Three Years: +5 Area Lore, +5 Intrigue, +5 Leadership, +30 Profession: Steward

This package covers the abilities for a noble woman's daily crafts and casual leasure.
Five Years: +25 Craft: Clothier, +15 Craft: Weaver, +30 Etiquette, +5 Music
Three Years: +5 CRaft Clothier, +5 Craft: Weaver, +30 Etiquette, +5 Music

Also a question (hate replying to my own thread, but I hit Submit to early)...

A couple of the Packages, like Public Offical, Servant and Local have points in Organization Lore. I wondered what Organizations folks thought would be appropriate for that, particularly for Local?

If the housewife is having children, some Awareness, Folk Ken and possibly Leadership strike me as valid places for xp to end up.

As for organisation lore... it really depends on where they are and what environment they're in. A public official is likely to end up with org.lore relating to the organisation for which he is an official. A servant could pick up on the organisation lore of whatever his master does, or that of the servant group to which he belongs. A local would pick up organisation lore for any organisation that is in the same vicinity.

I'd imagine that a hermetic magus' personal servant would pick up on Order of Hermes Lore. After all, a personal servant tends to go everywhere their master does.

It strikes me that Mother/Wetnurse might be a good package. :slight_smile:

I guess I'm looking at it from the point of view of my saga, which is centered around a rural manor. I can't think what Organization exists there. The is no town, so no Guild. It's not a covenant, so no Order lore. A little Church Lore maybe, but too much seems excessive. The manor itself is best covered by Area Lore, so I suppose I could just swap those points over to that. However, most of these packages already have Area Lore and I wonder if the combined totals aren't excessive. I suppose I could do multiple Area Lores... Village, Manor, Barony, Shire, etc. I guess it's just an issue of adapting the packages to suit specific character needs... which they do quite readily.

I just can't say how great these are, at least from a Storyguide standpoint. I can sketch together individual and chaarcterful NPCs very quickly and easily. I think my players will really like them too.

The organisations that the character is either a member of, or interacts with.

For the local, even if he lives in a small community (without guilds and so forth), then he might still nonetheless interact with guilds (and similar) in the vicinity. Although people don't travel widely, people in small villages are likely to travel periodically to a nearby market-town (to buy/sell at the market, to go to church, for a court-case, for festivals). So he could very plausibly have a small amount of Organisation Lore related to the organisations active in nearby towns. In fact, the local doesn't even need to travel to the market-town to have knowledge of the town's organisations --- he just needs to know somebody who goes to town, and then talks about it over drinks at the village.