Grogs using wooden weapons

Hello, im new to the game and community and i had a kind of weird tought, basically i saw some posts of people talking about using spells to buff weapons, most of the spells were around lvl 30 because changing a metal (instead of just strenghening stone for exemple) is hard, so, wouldn't it make more sense for grogs and warriors in some covenants to use stone or wooden weapons instead of metal ones?Im asking because i searched a bit and haven't seen anyone talking about anything related to this, would it make sense or am i missing something important?

Thanks in advance

Stone weapons do less damage and are less reliable.

Grogs might well use wooden weapons like bows or quarterstaves. There are He spells to byff the staff.

I'd love to see some of the effects you have for for buffing weapons!
Also, I'm assuming you're familiar with the Blade of the Virulent Flame (CrIg 15, ArM5 core, p. 140)

But can I ask you in return, why bother? It would make the weapon magical/enchanted, so it would need to penetrate any resistance the target might have. To me, forged steel (well, iron, really) is what you want for opponents that resist your magic, while magic is nice for opponents that resist your blades!

Instead, buff your fighters, or control your environment. It's easier.

So ... I'd need to use magic to make them as good as metal weapons?

Probably penetration. :-/

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See the box "Equipment of Alexander's Attendants" MoH, p 11.

Granted they are focused on items made of animal parts (hair, skins, bones, bees wax) because he is a transformation specialist.

Most covenants do not use stone or wooden weapons because while the buffing magic might be easier, it normally only raises them to about the effectiveness of metal weapons and requires ether a Magus or Enchantment to gain them. The only exceptions would be groups such as the one linked above, which requires as much equipment as possible to be in line with a Form.