Gruagachan: A few questions on Give Shape

Do Gruagachan Shape spells transform the target's worn equipment? Can't find any reference either way. There's hardly any requisite to add, but then on the other hand Gruagachan magic only affects people, not things.


This is because the "Shape" Form effectively subsumes all of the relevant Hermetic Forms. I'm still away from my books so I can't offer a page reference, but Xavi asked the same question not long ago (Question 4)...

"Not long ago" is 2 whole years and the saga is already over (with great results, i might add), but yeah, it seems that the consensus is that it could be done and that equipment transformed with you. No naked gruagachan running around!!! :mrgreen:

Ciarann ended up being quite a bloke in our saga, one of the most feared warlords in north-western Ireland and owner of the Eagle Nest, an Irish fortress (covenant) that had the English invaders scratching their heads, since it effectively guarded Connacht from invasion from Ulster. He died when fighting Termaneagh (dragon) single handedly after he (termaneagh) broke the mental control that the magi had on him and ran rampant destroying everything on its path (an invading English army, mostly), but he was a boisterous bastard that enjoyed the hunt, so I am sure he didn't mind much. I am sure he appreciated his armor transforming with him, even if he used a tree trunk to bypass magic resistance when transformed to giant size.