GTA 2012: Roomate Wanted (also, carpooling?)

I will be sending my reservation fee in the next week or so, and in anticipation, I am looking for a roomate for the event - I don't want to pay my fee without knowing I'll be able to afford the hotel room.

As I understand it, the convention rate is 159 for a suite with a king in the bedroom and a queen in the living room couch, although I haven't inquired yet if that's the best deal available. I'd be interested in sharing the cost with one or more people; all I really care about is having my own bed.

About me: 35 year-old male, smoker, but a californian (I smoke outside only, far away from anyone who might prefer not to smell the stink). Early riser, moderate snorer, decent hygene.

Seperately, I'll be travelling down from Humboldt County (NW CA) via either Hwy 299E to I-80

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