Guideline ReHe: weave thread into a tunic


In the core book, we have a ReHe guideline, 15: weave thread into a tunic.

In societates, page 61 it is stated that working from "wool raw" is a level 3 base for rego craft magic.

I'm not really understanding what the guideline 15 does that the guideline 3 of rego craft magic doesn't.

It seems to me that the guideline 15 is doing the same, but at a higher level.

Can someone explain the distinction between those guidelines?

Thank you a lot.

Noble's Parma, but isn't it a 2 step process?

  • spin raw wool into thread,
  • weave thread into tunic.

The main difference is, that craft magic requires a Finesse roll appropriate to the task. Quickly weaving a tunic from a single thread would require a quite formidable one.


Tugdual has it. Raw wool has to be spun into thread, which can then be dyed and used to weave cloth, which can then be cut and sewn into clothing...

About the level 15 "weave thread into a tunic" guideline from ArM5 p.138 lower box: it is an unusual procedure - but was actually of some importance around 1200.

Look here ... _tradition is weak).

Isn't it interesting, that the author of p.138 just has a tunic made in the guideline? :smiley:


Another point would be that wool is Animal, not Herbam. However, most if not all effects that deal with spinning/weaving seem to be the same level for animal and plant based fibers, so its probably moot. Would Terram be different, when dealing with say, asbestos?

As jason72 correctly points out wool is Animal. So the second guideline you are referring to is ReAn, not ReHe. Incidentally, working from thread would be working from "prepared" wool, rather than raw wool, so base Level 1 rather than 3. Also, note that the "guidelines" from HoH:S are not quite guidelines, but rather spell Levels that already include +1 complexity from R:Touch.

ReHe would be applicable e.g. to linen. Covenants gives new guidelines for ReHe craft magic:

In general, Covenants pp.50-51 offers the largest list of Rego Craftmagic guidelines in the ArM5 line. I would refer to that, rather than to the more limited list of "spell levels" in HoH:S p.61.

Note that Covenants pp.50-51 and HoH:S p.61 do contradict each other on a few points - e.g. carpentry from well-seasoned timber. My personal view is that Timothy Ferguson just botched the HoH:S chapter. In my opinion, while a great author in many other respects, it wouldn't be the first time he handled spell guidelines in a rather objectionable fashion (e.g. spells from the Tremere chapter in HoH:TL).