Happy Birthday David!

A very happy birthday to David Chart from all at Grand Tribunal 2007. Leif Olav Josang and CJ here, Mark Shirley still running an event at 2am and much great gaming accomplished.

cj & leif x

Happy Birthday David! :slight_smile:

and many many more!

:smiley: Happy birthday, too

Happy Birthday David, and good luck with your immortality ritual :smiley:

Happy Birthday, indeed!

You put a lot of work into this line and your efforts have produced a wondrous harvest. Many happy returns. :slight_smile:

Kull sana wa-inta bi-khayr, as they say in the tribunal of the Levant! :slight_smile:

Thank you. And thank you for the video from Grand Tribunal of people singing Happy Birthday. I now know what a few more of our authors look like!

And the idea of a car containing Erik, Mark, and Matt crashing sends shivers down my spine... They all have deadlines in the next couple of months.