hardware schticks clarification, please

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question on hardware schticks. I'm not sure if I'm interpreting them right, because they seem very overpowered if I raise certain stats. Do skills increase if I raise the underlying stat? Obviously with a starting character the skills are capped, but what if I buy them with experience?

For example, a 10,000 dollar man who starts out with Guns 14 and Ref 5. If I buy a Targeting Computer with experience, which raises my Dex to 11, will that raise my Guns to 20? And if it doesn't, what is the point of having a Targeting Computer?

Thanks in advance!

I think it would raise the AV, but with hardware shticks, it's not just shelling-out experience points, you need a good surgeon from 2056 to install the shtick.

Buying a targeting computer at character creation wouldn't raise your AV beyond the prescribed maximums; buying it with XP would.

Thanks guys. Seems severely overpowered then heh heh. 28 experience points for the 10,000 dollar man gives him guns 20, and a really insane driving score, and so on. While the rest of the group is still paying 16 for guns 16, 17 for guns 17.

It does have downsides- it makes the character very marginalised in social situations. A character with hardware schticks basically can't functions normally anywhere except the Netherworld. In 2056, they'll get picked up by PubOrd for having 'unauthorised paramilitary prosthetics', anywhere else they'll cause fear and violence just for looking the way they do. Plus, the local faction in power will know exactly what they are and where they're from and wheel out the big guns to take them down if they show themselves in public. It's a big step, and there are such things as EMP grenades...

Very good point, I wasn't really thinking of that, I was going to have loads of fun creating a Gears of War type character haha! But I might go with a different archetype now. Thanks guys.

Also remember that every hardware schtick has a penalty--and those skill values drop, too. That can hurt.

Hey freemage, thanks. Sorry for the late reply, somehow I didn't get the new message notification...