Haunt of the Living Ghost - Resisted or not?

Haunt of the Living Ghost: Cr(In)Im spell, which projects your image to a place you have an AC to, and allows you to sense what's going on (I think only vision and hearing).
So IIRC most Intellego spells are resisted, but I fail to recall whwther succesful resistance repels the spell, notifies you that someone is spying, or both.

But Haunt of the Living Ghost is specisifally notes to not count as scrying, since the target has a fair chance of seeing the caster, so it works both ways. Does this difference mean is isn't resisted? Or would it work like most other Intellego spells?

The caster is typically casting it upon a location rather than an individual I guess that an aegis would still block it. But if there is someone in the room who has parma up I can't see that mattering one way or the other. The caster could certainly see a person with magic resistance even if they didn't penetrate, the protected person is still kicking off non-magical species that can be detected by the spell and these are unaffected by parma.

If on the other hand the caster has an arcane connection to a target magus and chooses to cast a Cr(In)Im spell, the spell would need to penetrate. Magic resistance keeps magic away from the protected entity even harmless imaginem magic.

So, any Intellego spell cast through an Aegis (really any spell of any Technique) needs to Penetrate the Aegis. But by "Penetrate" does this mean Penetration needs to exceed Aegis Level. Or is this treated as casting spells in a foreign Aegis, meaning you're penalized by half Level. The latter is easier, however no sympathetic connections or ACs helps here.

Outside an Aegis, Intellego spells directly targeting a magus (or some being with Resistance) are resisted. But area affecting Intellego spells aren't resisted.

So that's smooth sailing for my unfocused and almost incompetent Jerbiton magus, who wants to keep tabs on the comings and goings in Constantinople (using the city model with ACs mentioned in another thread). He needn't worry about Penetration for the Intellego effects.

from the outside casting in it needs to exceed the aegis level (I can imagine an AC to the Aegis spell but it would have to be pretty unusual, for instance, if the Aegis was erected using a casting tablet I'd allow the casting tablet as an Ac to the spell)

Sort of, spells that allow the detection of mundane species are in general not resisted unless their "detector" is within the parma, however spells that magically detect something else are resisted. Mundane species are sort of a special situation when it comes to intellegeo spells in that they are not blocked by magic resistance so you can gather them from locations not protected by the parma.

Wait, casting across the Aegis boundary, the Aegis level is the Resiatance you need to Penetrate, yes?
But casting from inside to inside the Aegis, there is no resistance - other than any Parma or otherwise the target might have - but the spellcasting is penalized by ½ Aegis level. So it might not even happen. And Penetration is difficult.

Outside any Aegis, InIm spells that enhance the senses aren't resisted, like seeing or hearing from further away than normally possible. But not any Range:arcane right? Those are resisted? Like "Summoning the Distant Image" or "Ear for Distant Places" or whatever they're called. But those InCo/Me or otherwise targeted at a magus personally, his Parma resists, so Penetration is needed.