or something along said lines... In the ArM5 pg. 91 under Bjoernaer: the Heartbeast it says "Bjoernaer magi can take the form of a single mundane creature. This is usually an animal or bird, but can be a plant."


weeell, can one? i mean really, truly? Can one be a great big oak? or even better, one of those trees that are actually severeral trees with interconnecting roots? And then, what would the Inner Heartbeast (hearttree?) be? <_< I shudder to think...


Good point, Mystery cluts pretty much seems to preclude this. Hard to see a plant as an ancestor spirit. Although i suppose some woodland spirit could be.

Either way for an inner heartbeast, its got to be a treant.

Last March of the Ents!

Damn, now i have to introduce an NPC into my saga with this. The potential for "A wizard should know better" type quotes is too great to ignore.

After reading Mystery Cults, I noticed that the option of having a "Heartplant" was missing, but later I noticed it in a sidebar on page 22 of that book. I wouldn't have allowed it in my campaign (it's just too wierd, and seems more at home with the old school Merinita), but it is possible after all..


Beware the mighty Pine-Chestnut Chimera!

Haha! Discover your Inner Oak! :laughing: