Hedge Magic Cover is up

The hedge magic cover art and a Blurb are up.

Curiously the Blurb says Realms of Power: Hedge Magic, but the cover does not. Let's hope that the cover art is correct and the blurb wrong.

Six traditions! What more could a die-hard hedgie apologist like me want?

The rundown:

  • scholarly magicians
  • folk witches
  • elementalists
  • gruagachan (yeah!)
  • Nightwalkers
  • rune wizards

Sounds good and I wonder what the hell Nightwalkers are.


Hmm, no sahir though... I'll have to do something about that

Perhaps they're more than mere hedge magicians?

Of course!

Now if I can just finish off that sahir article for Sub Rosa in time for issue #4.

(locks himself back in study to work on sahir draft submission again)



I'm really looking forward to the hedge tradition by Andrew. I can't wait to read it.

Yes, yes. That's an error. Sorry, Andrew. It should get fixed fairly soon.

They sound a lot like these guys.


WW have been fond of them for a while - it'll be nice to see another treatment if so.

Actually they appear mentioned in the normandy tribunal already, IIRC.

Those mentioned sounds like they can be those, or either some kind of dream hedgies or vampiric hedgies.



Sorry, where are they in Normandy? I can't place them in that supplement, which is kind of embarassing because I helped write Normandy.

Will the Hungarian táltos appear in it?

If you are talking about the Benandanti, I think they were already handled as a false tradition on RoP:I.

Might Be in the infernal, yes. I got both supplements together, so I might be mixing one with the other. Will check tonight at home.



No, that was the Strigae. They are opposed by the Benandanti, who have not had a proper write-up.




The words "woo" and "hoo" spring to mind. :slight_smile:

This looks really great. Love the cover :slight_smile:

Hmm.. what kind of hedge magician is that person with the white beast on the cover?


Moses was a hedge magician? :wink:

Can't wait to the coming books...faster printers, faster!


Yes, Hedge Magic looks good. It's interesting it's tagged "Realms of Power". I also note that RoP:M is rescheduled from May to July: boooo!

I'm in love again.

Is it me or do the recent books seem to be all very very great books? :smiley:

They are getting better with each and every one they put out. Hedge Magic looks to be awesome.