Hedge Magic

This release was scheduled for November. Do we have an ETA on it yet?


Atlas hasn't said anything as of yet.

THe book went to press on October 8 so if the printer is working with similar speed as they have in the past Atlas will probably get the book withn the next week or two (IIRC). After that we'll ned to wait for John and Michelle to get it shiped out, then for the distributers to get it to us.

Well, RoP: M went to press on May 22 and was in stores on July 17 = 39 work days later.

HMRE went to press on October 8th, so by my primitive calculations (which did not include holidays), you can expect to see the book on your FLGS shelves on December 2.

Hopefully this helps...

I do not know if this means something but amazon states November, 12th as release date. (I know because I pre ordered it :smiley: )

A book usually takes six weeks at the printer, and Mr. Nephew usually announces when the books arrive in the warehouse. They take anywhere from 14-21 days to work their way through the distribution channels to most game stores in the US.

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