Hello everyone, a quick idea.

I am new to the forums, though I have lurked for some time. I have recently had an Idea of a campaign to run, but I have never played this game, so I am unsure about determining Power Levels in the game.
I plan on running characters just out of, or not long out of, apprenticeship, and more importantly candidates for house Guernicus Quaesitores. These would be magi from different houses which have to undertake an initiation ceremony of some sort to become one. This will be viable for them to pass, but if they should fail I was thinking of finding a reason for them to get the position in a way that would set up later sagas. I.E. a secret person/society pulling the strings and helping them along for some evil/seemingly evil purpose. but more on that later.
For their first task they'd have to investigate a magus that was very gifted in the ways of study, and well known in his, and other, covenants. But for one reason or another left his covenant without much of a warning.
As the players follow leads and visit places that get closer and closer to their goal, they'll hear ever intensifying tales of a beast that has been plaguing the area. first killing live stock, then people.
For you see, in my story, he had become a lycanthrope.
They won't know it is him until they uncover clues about it, or even encounter him while transformed, and in the end will have to make the serious decision of killing him, or helping him remedy his curse, if they are aware of it. He could very well be killed off in his transformed state.
I plan on it being via a curse by an old hedge wizard/witch/nemesis of some sort, but for now, i am centering on his build.
I have picked up Spell Mastery virtue, and balanced it with Lycanthropy, and while I have several options to go with, I want to optimize him as a study and experiment type of wizard. not too strong to over power them if things get hairy, but strong enough to put up a fight if need be.
Hes going to be very eccentric and odd in his mannerisms, but generally nice. I also wanted to make him undaunted by ones personal bubble, willing to pick up articles of clothing, or items on them to inspect and tinker with without asking permission (as if lost in thought about the object and it's uses) as if he had forgotten the character was even there, or owned the item.
He would obviously be very protective over things that might reveal his nature (maybe bloodied clothes, certain rooms under lock and key, etc.), and will quickly become nervous if questioned about them or enraged if these are tampered with, but not to the point of violence.

I can go into more detail, but I am pressed for time, if you have any advice or suggestions, please feel free to post them. Any and all advice is welcome.

Thank you

Short version: could be an interesting story, but unless the lycanthropic magus had done something to breach the code then the quaesitors wouldn't care.

A friend of his may express concern and attempt to elicit the help of the players, but running around as an animal and ravaging peasants in the middle of the night isn't a breach of the code. If it was, Archmagus Urgen would be in a lot of trouble!

If it turned out he murdered a magus while a lycanthrope (such as a redcap), a quaesitor may well be dispatched to investigate the death of the magus. You could make it more interesting by having the real villain being whoever placed the curse on the guy in the first place - which could make for an interesting quaesitorial hunt for the truth - and even why the victim got cursed.

If you really want to challenge them, set them up with a code vs morality struggle. If the victim was cursed for entering another magus' sanctum but did so under false promises of sanctity and is only guilty of being too trusting, which way will your players jump? It may even turn out that the 'badguy' magus benefits directly from the death of the redcap - but if he never breached the code himself, will the players still pursue the case against the guilty magus? Will they decide to fight for justice and declare wizard's war on the real villain? Will the family of the dead redcap even offer to pay them for this?

Anyway, I'm running off at a crazy tangent now so I'll stop.