Help designing an InIm spell


I'd like to design a spell that would allow a magus to see without actually using his eyes, but I'm not sure how to do it. I was thinking about using an InIm spell with another target than "vision". For example an InIm spell with target "hearing" , allowing the magus to hear the species he would normally see. What base level should I use ? Is there a better way to achieve this result ?
Thanks for your help and please excuse my bad english, I hope I'm understandable...

InAu25 Eyes of the Bat (ArM5, p.127) operates very much along the lines you are seeking. No need to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:

Oh, I missed that. Thanks, that is what I was looking for.

Eyes of the bat is a classic solution. But in Ars there is usually more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

Iirc, an InIm spell brings the "species" to the magi's senses, not directly to his mind, so the mage needs the functional sense organs - eyes to "see", ears to "hear", whatever the InIm spell has brought them.

However, a blind mage still has the sense of "touch".

The Palpable World
InIm 15
Allows the caster to "feel" any object he can call to, as if touching it. The spell allows for rapid "scanning" of objects, as if the hands were run along them very quickly - less detail is given, but more area is covered. The mage must constantly hum or talk while this occurs, any vocal sound that will carry the spell effect. The sensation can be "turned on and off" to avoid distractions at will.
(Base 1 (use 1 sense at a distance), +2 Voice*, +2 Sun, +2 Complexity)

(* Yeah, "+3 Sight" is kinda out. :stuck_out_tongue: )

The added complexity is for balance, and to make it work as desired - ysmv. Adding more senses, especially "Hearing" would improve the information gained greatly.

(Is that a joke? More understandable than many native speakers on the boards, sodalis, more than many.) :wink:

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To keep skinning that cat: The possibility also exists of using MuIm magic to change species of one type into those of another type—for example, changing iconic species (detected by vision) to echoic species (detected by hearing). Examples of such spells are in the "Synaesthesia" sidebar on page 65 of Houses of Hermes: Societas (in the Jerbiton chapter).

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Sounds
MuIm 10
Turns iconic species into echoic species as they enter your ears, allowing you to hear what other people see. Your ability to recognize faces, for example, is roughly as good as your ability to recognize voices. Just as with hearing, you can "see" what's behind you. Your "sight" is imperfect at locating objects precisely, although you can triangulate their positions given a little time. Loud noises "blind" you.
(Base 2; +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Part—using the same logic as Lungs of the Fish for example)

Nice ideas, i indeed wanted to use the "species" model but wasn't sure how...
Eyes of the Bat is great, but imaginem is a better fit for me and it's much lower level.

So, I guess, a magus cannot hear or touch the species he is supposed to see without transforming them first. MuIm, not InIm...

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