Help for a Newbie

Sorry, guys. I remember that there was a link in a thread about Puissant Magic theory adding to the number of pawns of vis you can use in a season. But I cannot find it for the life of me, and have read a few hundred threads in the last few days. Could someone tell me if it does add, and where this has been stated officialy?


It does. You can use up to twice your magic theory in vis, and puissant adds two to your magic theory for all purposes except xp.

Yes. The only exception listed in the Virtue are teaching and writing.

From the official errata:

I tend to find that virtue really counterintuitive too... :frowning:

Yeah, I am sorta looking for somewhere chapter and verse, which I am sure someone brought up last time. One of the other players is convinced it should not effect the nuber of pawns you can use, as that is not "using" magic theory, where I am firmly of the belief it should effect it, but thanks anyway!

If it exists, it's likely to be an offhand comment from an extended example for something else. I couldn't find anything in hermetic architecture, verditius mysteries, or ancient magic's automata. Maybe Magi of Hermes? I don't have that book.

I never understood the part after the first comma in the corrected sentence myself. We tend to just regard it as +2 to all facets of the ability, since it's not at all obvious why teaching and writing are different from other uses.

Teaching and writing prevent a vicious step ladder. I have a 2 in Ability. I teach it to you to 2. Your Puissant Ability means you have it at 4. So you teach it to me at 4. But your puissant doesn't count when learning, so you only have a 2 for purposes of learning. I have a 4. So I teach you up to 4. Your puissance means you're now at 6 for teaching...

Thanks for this explanation :slight_smile:

For the my "feeling" of this virture it is also ok to have it like this. For me puissant means "you have a very special talent/feeling" for something. But this does not mean that you can learn or teach such a feeling/talent nor can write about it. Don't you know people who are quite adept in something but can't explain what or why they are doing it in a certain way?