Help for new magic items

Hi everyone,

One of my player came up with enchantment ideas we have difficulties to deal with. Here are his two main projects:
1/ in an attempt for Verditius festival, he wish to build a magic mirror who send back an improved (more beautiful, younger, things like that) image of the user.
2/ a way to be able to communicate at a distance. He was sending about linked stone being able to create the sounds "heard" by the other stone: one user speak aloud close to first stone, second user can hear words by being close to second stone. But actually, issue here is a way to communicate. These "communication stones" might not be the best way.

If possible, he would like to make them lesser enchantment, unless he has no choice.

For 1st one, we are thinking about:
Mu Im lvl 1 (image), concentration +1, esthetic and quality +3, item maintains concentration +5 lvl, 12 uses per day: +4 lvl
What do you think about it? One issue is about the notion of "beauty". Should it be integrated in the item according to the magus ideal of beauty? Or should it be a reflect of user's thinking, in which case it seems we need a In Me complement.

For 2nd item, we think about:
Cr Im 1 (sound), +4 arcane link, +1 concentration, +1 complexity, +1 Intellego requisite, item maintains concentration +5 lvl, 12 uses per day : +4 lvl. For a final level of 29.

Thanks for your comments and help :smiley:

I think your guidelines are fair. I think it would be more interesting if the object had its own notion of beauty, colored by the creator's sigil.

I'd also point out that you might want this item to be self-triggered since, in its current incarnation, someone would look in the mirror and see their normal reflection until they activated the object; would you actually want it to use its effect whenever anyone looks into it? If that's the case, you'd need it to have some other built-in trigger.

If you have the InMe requisite, you would have mirror show the image of what the user wants to look like. Their idlized view.

(then again, you could have mirror show what the viewer desires for the mirror of Erised from a certain popular book/movie series)